Vlog the Impaler


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  1. Aye up MotorMouth…HAPPY NEW YEAR To You and Yours !Yes, creme eggs and wagon wheels are a disgrace these days. Mind you, a finger of fudge is more than just enough now – they actually got bigger in 1995 !!!http://www.tellytunes.com/tv-advert.asp?ID=514More snow on it\’s way – zipadee*kindoodah !!!LOL

  2. (why can\’t you put links in any more ?)

  3. Happy New Year chick. I find stuff in the fridge quite a lot these days lmao. Creme eggs were in my corner shop boxing day which I had a good chuckle about and yes wagin wheels used to be the size of a plate and now they are proper mini lmao xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Hey….. thanks for the visit babe. So nice of you to venture out in this fluffy weather….. aaaaaaaand, it\’s so nice to see you again. The wordy blogs are great, but the moving mouth ones are so much prettier, if somewhat equally as nutty.Stay safe and warm, sweetheart….. and leave the keys in the fridge. Frankly anyone who puts them there, isn\’t safe on the roads…… or even off the ward.Love & glorious Laughter to you,Stevexxx

  5. Hello you dafnessThanks for dropping byComputer problems make my visits fleeting and brief at the moment as I used a borrowed laptop for a couple of hours just so I can catch up.Rather sadly the inappropriate present I got was nothing more the a t-shirt with the legend \’A beer is for life and not just for Christmas\’ – Now whilst i completely agree with the sentiment – it\’s not something I would choose to wear on my chest and more disappointingly, my own brother thought i would somehow like it!!Never mind eh? Christmas is not really for 42 blokes in the middle of mid life something or other – not sure if it quite a crisis but there is defintely something going on!Hey ho – any take care, glad you liked the mention, you genuinely do make spaces a better placeLovePete XX

  6. DragonBoy Says:

    Mooooooooooooorning Daff… I did rush over to the site to see if there were any cheap batteries going or instructions on trouble-shooting a Sanyo BU-66-ER3DUP top loading Video Cassette Player circa 1987 cos mine, I think, is on the way out. Looks like I may have to join the technological revolution and get one of these new fangled Divvy-Dee players, although having looked at them in the shops i stil can\’t work out how you play cassettes on them. The nice young man in the shop turned some very funny colours while trying to explain to me how you did but, as you know, not being up with the times, I still don\’t think I fully grasped the whole concept. Do you know if it\’s anything to do with things getting smaller like wagon wheels?And on the subject of them… I have always found them to be ultimately disappointing. If I had to choose a chocolate that punched above it\’s weight it is the wagon wheel. From the description, you\’re expecting a deliciously tempting treat. I mean what\’s not to like… you got biscuit (yum), Marshmallow (oooooooo yum) and chocolate (I\’m sorry!!!!… did you just say chocolate???…. YUUUUUUUUUUUUUUMMM accompanied by full-on licking of lips and rubbing of tummy in the internationally recognised action for something that is tasty). You open the wrapper with a look of anticipation on your face similar to the freakish egg thing that appears in the Kinder Surprise adverts (that eats eggs!!!!… Cannibaleggstic tendancies???… And i don\’t mean just you looking like the Kinder Surpise egg thing… I think everyone looks that way when opening a wagon wheel)… You bring the wheel slowly…. sloooooowly towards your mouth… open wide… take a big bite… and… massive disappointment.Y\’know Bounty is the taste of Paradise?Wagon Wheel… the taste of what is ultimately dissapointing and unfulfilling snacking.Give me a good old fashioned Star Bar anyday…. which leads me nicely on to fridges cos that\’s the best place to keep a Star Bar… along with milk, cheese, eggs and other stuff… but not keys. If keys are the only thing you keep in your fridge may I be so bold as to suggest that you are not ultimately getting the maximum amount of usage out of your white good. Plus in this cold weather, you want warm keys so they act as a defrosting agent when opening locks. Try putting them in the oven and I think you\’ll be pleasantly surprise… you may need oven gloves though… or a trip to the burns unit of your local hospital… And you may gain the nickname \’Yaley\’ after having the name of your key burnt on to your skin… I\’m not painting a very good picture here am I? Perhaps it\’s best to have a key hook somewhere in your house…Anyway… need to go out and hang a bag of nuts up for the polar bears that have nested in the garden and I have cult chores to do at 10…Til the next time… ***Ice Ice Baby Thursday Hugs***DB xxxP.S. I feel let down… I was expecting antelopes…

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