No pies for you.



8 Responses to “No pies for you.”

  1. NO PIES???!!!!!!! Are you mad woman?Actually, that\’s never been in question. has it? Contrary to popular belief, I don\’t live on pies, but I do enjoy one occassionally. I think it comes from being born on Pi Day….. and probably in the year of the Ginster.Just to be picky, cos apparently I am, that view isn\’t exactly what you see, is it? Whatever state you\’re in. There seems to be NO webcam in your field of vision.Hope you\’re well, babe.Catch you

  2. Oh, the Rutles have a long history. They stem from "Rutland Weekend Television", a post-python effort from Eric Idle, followed by a "mockumentery" for American telly in \’78. As you know, it\’s a complete parody of the Beatles, but some of Neil Innes\’ songs are in fact better than those of Lennon/McCartney.I won\’t be showing you how to film a webcam with a webcam. It would involve trickery pokery, and whilst I have no objection to trickery, I draw the line at pokery (Charles Hawtrey – Carry On Again, Doctor – 1969)Soon,Stevexxx

  3. Oh, forgot to say…… Nasty is the name of Neil Innes/John Lennon character… Ron Nasty. Along with Dirk McQuickly, Stig O\’Hara and Barry Wom (Barrington Womble) he led the Rutles. Leppo left during the Hamburg years.xxxx

  4. News FlashComputer might have survived, signs promising that it might be returned to me in full working order on Monday, fingers crossed…..Thanks for the thoughts – you\’re not sarcastic are you??!?Anyhoo, hope is well and you made it through the festive period all in one piece – i have had a look at you photo\’s and i guess there might have been a pint or two involved – might was best forgotten but I did manage to bag some great bargains in the sales……made slightly easier by going in shops just as they are looking to close a little earlier in light of the \’adverse weather\’ and linger…and linger….and linger till they get pissed off then ask for something seriously cheap. It worked for me a couple of times anyway. 2 x Lacoste t-shirts for £40…should have been £50 in the sale and an Aquascutum jacket Less than a hundred for something that started life at about £250…bring it on!!Take care hun and be good………did I really say that!!Great v-log…I will do some this year…..honestPete XXX

  5. Planet Nicola Says:

    Heyyy – Fined? They should be shot! **sniggers**Anyways… enough fatism-chinkism comments. I\’m loving the poster, the fairies, the disco lights…the earinnngggs….and the cute likle poodle dog awwww oh, and the mad christmas lights! So cool! Sorry about the car, here\’s hoping the snow shifts soon and we can all wobble to the pubs as usual : P xxx

  6. Planet Nicola Says:

    LOL just spotted a toy daffy in the corner hahahahaha Brilliant!!

  7. Maybe this old drummer boy has gone a bit soft in his old age – check out the pic on my blog…..pretend guitars now!Hey, my PC has been fixed and back where it belongs, not quite sure what was up with it – probably a bit tired – but it\’s all in working order now so i can get back to down loading fims and streaming football matches….sorry I mean carrying out important internet research.Sick of people whining about the weather….what are you really gonna do – just get on with it, in two weeks it will all be a distant memory wont it.Take care and be incredibly bad!! (That any better?)Muchos lovePete XX

  8. Hiya Daffers! :DI can\’t hear your Vlog because my Earphones don\’t work with this Vitsa PC and he mom earphones are complete shite and one of the phones is broke! Urgh! My other PC died just before Christmas, I was loaned another one and that spectaularly blew up when I plugged it in! S now there\’s two PC\’s in the shop! Hey ho! would say the top two are the epic wankers maters! You can\’t eascape their wankerness! <——- Oh New word! However, I don\’t think the bad music is supply and demand. Haven\’t you ever asked yourself how something so shit manages to sell so much? It aint because it\’s good or a matter of taste, it\’s because the record company that put it out has the clowt and the money to get it Air play. Nothing more, so they create the demand they\’re supplying. I wouldn\’t mind if the music they made was half decent but it isn\’t and it\’s not as if the wankers that buy it are the only people who get ripped off and suffer. Because the industry wants to supply something steadily they want the same music with the same appeal and frame work, which means copies of everything that came before, just with a new singer and twist on the sound. Because of this exciting new and inavative music suffers and can\’t get a record contract or get Air play. That\’s why releacing the \’Greatest Hits of Drunken Daffers\’ is a bad idea, you\’d just be contributing to the stagnation of the music industry.Oi, I will be doing a music blog,and others on here hopefully on a regualr basis. Just need to scrape myself off Myspace! haha. I\’m still ill, had a bad nght last night, so it\’s same old same old, mate. Hope the lovely Daf is fairing better!Much love and talk soon! 🙂 HUGS!

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