I will not be silenced or welcome to my lift moozak. :O)


6 Responses to “I will not be silenced or welcome to my lift moozak. :O)”

  1. Planet Nicola Says:

    Famous last words… \’I\’m sure nothing can possibly go wrong\’ Well, it\’s funny he should have said that. Because today, I went to make myself a nice lardy-chip sandwichand you\’d have never have guesssssed what happened!!- After mindlessly pouring in two large bottles of golden-frywithout realising I\’d left a trail of grease along the kitchen floor- then, while I was chopping my potatoes (at the same time texting someone about the truly terrible top Collen Nolan was wearing on today\’s episode of Loose women) I\’d forget ALL about the chip-pan… not realising I had left it on full gas with the lid on!Sadly our cat as never experienced my culinary delights and well done chips in her previous residence and thought it\’d be a laugh to dip her tail in… then… I remembered something in Home Ec of how to douse a chip pan blaze using a teatowel soaked in swan lighter fuel… (or was it something else? Bugger! You never do remember all these little tricks when you need them)Without a second to lose, I picked up a teatowel (that had a very kitsch and uber-useful map of Scarborough embroidered on it)While also reminiscing about a lolly pop that was shaped in the sugary form of a penis from a shop I got in 1984)…tossed it over the pan…WhoaHH!!! You should have seen the flames. Well, there was only one thing for it -crawling along the floor with smoke inhalation poisoning…. Call Fireman Sam! Fireman Sam arrived in the nick-of-time (five seconds flat, would you believe?!)\’Ahhhh. How good it is for you to come!, I said as I admired his shiny red helmet. \’well, you know me, I\’m always on the scene!\’ Fireman Sam exclaimed, proudly. And that, that children…. was MY afternoon! : P LOL (i\’m just going to watch your vlog now… be back in a mo!) x

  2. In silent mode couldn\’t listen to your blog but the Fireman Sam theme live eh?????It is easy to imagine what I looked like prior the weightloss, look at the pick and add just over six stone……easyThanks for the kind words anyway, however insincere ;-)She is a cutey pie, a bit of moody moo too but she\’s my girl – wouldn\’t swap her for anythingRock band is just about the breatest invention ever especially the Beatles one. We played this for hours the other niight and then on the rockband world tour which seemed to get harder with each song – or was I getting drunker? It was one or the other……..Note by cool pretend guitar a Rickerbacker 325 no less a la John Lennon. It was a limited edition and a bit pricey but I traded in loads of games to get it…three months later they couldn\’t give them away and would have got it for 75% less than what I paid for it. Impatience can be so unrewarding……never mind, it looks goodHope all is well in Daf land – be safeLovePete XX

  3. Wotcha Daff… I\’d like to congratulate you on your most articulate videoblog to date… How eloquantly you spoke… such colourful language… why i was almost in tears by the end. Bill Shakespeare hang up your quill for there is a new bard in town… I\’d like to start a petition for more blog entries like this.Are you that girl? Y\’know… The one from Ipanema Wednesday ***HUGS***DB xxx

  4. DragonBoy Says:

    Oh… and three questions…Are you Subterranean?Are you Homesick?Do you have the Blues?Are you a combination of the three?Or possibly have all three at the same time?Maybe you just had a new pen that you wanted to show off…***Thunder Only Happens When It\’s Raining Thursday Hugs***DB xxx

  5. Hey nice to finally puta face to daffythe duck.. my bad i hvent been here often enuf…………not as much as I would have liked to…………..you have pretty hair and an even prettier face Daffy…………….they guess what Linda has surfaced again………….just saying…………………and that song sounds like a reall good nursery rhyme made me smile alrte…………..catchy tune im still humming and feeling I am 3 years old.

  6. Hey there Daffster, Now you see that vid would have been perfect for DB and I to watch together. I\’m fairly sure that with each of us clutching a rockband instrument we could have added a touch of class to the whole performance. Still, moving on and on the subject of things that make me laff, I loved ya vlog. Thankfully everyone has gone to bed otherwise I\’d havbe been getting "the looks". You know the ones…….. the ones that you get from the other residents of your abode when you can see something uber funny on t\’interweb and they can\’t. The condescending look that says "OMG she\’s at it again…..sitting over there on her own laffing at nothing". Still…..it\’s totally worth my family thinking that I\’m losing the plot cuz you\’re a gem.Hope Dan\’s exams have gone well.Hugs Tootsie xx

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