Do my legs look funny?

I only ask cos apparently we’re getting so little sunshine these days rickets is on the increase,  and I think as a nation we owe it to eachother to regularly eye up eachothers pins and if the worst comes to the worst say ‘Theyre starting to bow get your ass on a sunbed’. We can all move on to ‘you should get that mole checked’ later.
Ok so that was probably a bit of an odd way to start a blog it was just the first thing that popped into my head. 
My son was at a party the other night.  Apparently it got a bit out of hand and teenage boys being what they are there was mass vomiting (not by my boychild I hasten to add. He arrived home in a fairly decent state).  Anyway the next day someone else he knows had a party,  during which there was mass distruction and someone tried to set fire to the bathroom.  I reckoned the first birthday boy should regale his folks with stories about the second birthday boy,  thereby throwing perspective on the distruction as his house, and reminding his folks it could have been worse. 
Oh and today I discovered another couple I know have split up due to Facebook.  I think that thing should come with a warning. Enter at your own peril and be prepared to lose your partner of ten years. 
Also my mate who recently got a new car took me for a wee spin in it today.  Its a frickin monster.  I mean seriously I would never usually blog a vid of a car cos I just dont know enough about em but….
I have to make the point that,  it really is that fast,  he really does drive it that fast and I was at one point sunk so deep into the back of my chair from the acceleration only my nose was sticking out.  I really really didnt enjoy the experience,  and came as close to slapping him through sheer fear as I ever have in the 36 years Ive known him. I may have new gray hairs. Cant be sure. It did however get to the point I thought,  well if Im gonna die I want you to wack the music waaaaaaay up so I go with a bang.  Ironically what came on was the song Im about to blog,  blasting so loud the bass was threatening to give me some sort of coronary.  At which point I looked at him and the maniacal grin on his face convinced me…. I am never ever getting in that mans car again.


3 Responses to “Do my legs look funny?”

  1. Your legs are fine, Daf.Nothing more to say, really.Should there be a song on here, or is it elsewhere?xxxx

  2. Hello,I have an ambition in life to be the only person in the world who is not on faceboof – so far resisted, not because of the problems I know it has caused people, but I find it exactly for the younger generation with short attention spans and lack of any social acumen. Not really my thing, rather be with oldies of spaces…tee hee.I have been in one of those VXR8 although my bruv didn\’t drive it quite so insanely – he sells Vauxhall\’s and as he is the boss of all he surveys, he gets to take these toys home to test out – for professional purposes of course. Reading about your boys party reminded me of one or two I attended in my yoof but hell, when I was in my formative years my sole aim at these shindigs was to get my hand up a womans jumper….being destructive, starting fires – what\’s up with these kids nowadays!?!Thought your legs look good but just to be sure, have a walk to the fridge every hour for refreshment……..if you beleive verything that is ever written you\’d never leave the house would you?Take careLovePete XX

  3. Ha!! Faceboof……F is nowhere hear the K either – I need to learn to type!

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