I feeeeeeeeel good (or just call me Mr Brown)

 Blog entitled what it is cos I cant get that flipping song out my head and I been humming and singing it for about three hours,  and in the stylee of da man himself.  I feel the urge to share.
There are currently rather nice wafts coming outta my kitchen so I may end up talking about food alot cos Im starving,  if my anecdotes turn into comparing everyone and everything to sausage rolls youll know why. Although that sounds alot more Freudian than I mean it to.  Pasties would do just as well. 
Oh did you hear about the bloke that got done for blowing his nose while sitting in stationary traffic (in a car I mean obviously. not just sitting in the road)?? Have the police got nothing better to do?? Honestly.  Im wondering what he did that so enraged the copper he felt the need to charge him. Im suspecting he inspected the contents of his hanky or something and the copper was so grossed out he just thought ‘Your nicked my son’.  What people will do in cars is nobodys business though,  cos they really do seem to think getting in is like donning a cloak of invisibility. 
Had my folks round yesterday and tried to convince my ma to have a hearing test,  shes goin deaf as a post but insists its just cos everyone either mutters,  talks too fast or has an accent.  I intend to nag til she does though. Oh and she was muttering something about being stopped at a cosmetics counter in one of the big department shops.  She said ‘I cant remember the name of the brand though.  It sounded like the name of one of the big hotels in London.’  I said ‘ Ritz? Hilton? Travel Lodge?’ and then guffawed at myself for a good five minutes. 
So no Vblogs at the moment cos I dont seem to be getting a minute to myself,  but hoping to bang one up soon. Hope everyone has the fabbest and grooviest of weekends and catch ya all on the other side!


6 Responses to “I feeeeeeeeel good (or just call me Mr Brown)”

  1. Aw, babe. Have you ever smelled a Travel Lodge? They are quite nice. I\’d certainly consider chatting up a bird smelling of that rather than Eau de \’Oliday Inn. I guess I\’m just a snob that way.Glad you feel good, babe. Albeit in a "get this sex machine out of my head" kinda way……….. (Hmmm….. you think you\’ve got issues with Freud……. Mmmmmmm pasties…… )As always, much love & laughter to you, Daf,Stevexxxx

  2. Hiya DafferssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssYou is a menkle likle duck! (^^).I heard about the bloke who blew his nose! I have no idea what\’s going on there. He blow his nose while he was stationary and the dibble nicked him? LOL! I think the media makes this stuff up just to get us mad and further feel victimised so we got nuts and they got something to report on!My views on Blair being in front of the Iraq Inquirey, well… pointless! It\’s not as if he\’s on trial is it? Not as if he and the others will get done for it will they? Nah, it\’s a just a joke so the majority of people can see them squirm abit and then think it\’s all over, he got a good hiding for it, when it fact he got of scotfree! He\’s a liar, he\’s a scumbag and a cunt! He\’ll NEVER get done for it. There\’s obviously shit going on we don\’t know about, because the people surrounding and to do with the death of Dr. Kelly have been granted anominity! The secret files WONT been open for 70 years! Corruption!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pisses me off BIG TIME!I didn\’t hear about Cadbury\’s getting rid of the less popular stuff! Doesn\’t surprise me though, I knew they were going to make cuts somewhere. I thought it\’d be eithe the work force or using less cocoa solids in the Chocolate, but it seems your Curly wurlies are for it! I used to love Cadbury\’s Spirals, but they stopped selling them in Salford back in the late \’90s, not sure if they sell them in the North East? Either way Cadbury\’s gonna go shit.I will put the Duck out of her misery if I find she turns to celeb bollocks! I\’ll take you around the back of the potting shed and bludgen you with ya own drum stick leg! LOL! Oh, and I\’m not too bad with the UC at the moment, better than what I was, but still feeling ill on and off.Hope you had a good weekend, Daffers! Mucho loveski! xx

  3. DragonBoy Says:

    Wotcha Daffelia Smithundlebuttocks… I\’ve never been compared to a sossige roll before although I can think of worst things to be matched against. Did you know thought that Shakespeare actually wrote the following before having a rethink and opting for the version we know today:Shall I compare thee to a soddige rollThou art more lovely and more temperate.Than one what has been freshly stoleFrom oven and displayed on baking plateSometimes too hot the grease of heaven shinesAnd often is your gold complexion darkened;When odd merchant he doth sometime decline,The temptation for pie of steak is harkened But thy eternal summer shall not fadeNor lose possession of glorious greased wallopBy death of Braggs and birth of Greggs,And drowned in blood red sauce of ketchupSo long as men can breathe or eyes can see,Two jumbo ones for a quid give pleasure to me.I do prefer this one myself if I\’m honest and I\’ll have to dig out my copy of \’All\’s Well That Ends With A Weatherspoons Breakfast\’ for you to have a look at.***Swingin On A Star Sunday Hugs***DB xxx

  4. lol love the comments on here hows you daffy xxjen

  5. Ooohh I had a James Brown moment today…..spooky……I was gonna leave the details here but decided it would be better to blog it or I could be here a while so drop by and have a look if ya wanna. As for ya girlchild and skiing, definitely tell her to try out the ski slope if there\’s one local. I signed Tiddler up for membership which cost £40 and in one day I saved £46 and then I get 30% off every time we go as well as vouchers to take a guest who also gets membership rates. Really good value and Tiddler has learned really quickly.Right, enough from me ;o) Hope ya sossie rolls were yummy…..i\’m drooling just a tiny bit.Hugs Tootsie xx

  6. Ohhh I wish I felt like that lol, will have to try and see if it works although as I wander along bits keep dropping off and stuff, a bit frustrating to say the least, still I ain\’t got to the point where I need wheels just yet so…….xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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