Just a quicky…


Oh apart from I got my hands on the entire Kiss back catalogue,  which Ive been roaming through this morning.  Forgot how much I liked this…


Off out for a bit of retail therapy and a spot of lunch.




4 Responses to “Just a quicky…”

  1. I await your return with great anticipation.How\’s you, Daf? I came here hoping to learn why you\’d been chewing through straps, but instead I get Kiss. Fair exchange, I guess.Have a great day oot and aboot.Much Love & Laughter to you,Stevexxxx

  2. Kiss….let\’s rock – they\’re on tour this year aren\’t they??Here we are on old people\’s social network – been really busy reently so not had a great deal of time to do anything remotely interesting so just a quick hello, hope all is well and life is treating you wellTake careLovePete XXX

  3. Planet Nicola Says:

    Hiya, just to say a big thank you for the really supportive and sweet comment – hopefully relationships with both parents willimprove, can\’t see how they could get any worse! : S I probably drive them more mad then they drive me. It must be hell to livewith someone who does all your cooking, cleaning, shopping, fixing, problem solving and hair washing! (oh, and opening of bleach bottles?) All I ever wantedwas a little encouragement and appreciation but hey! You can\’t pick em! Cheers againMuch love, and hope your week is splendiforous too!xxx

  4. Hello Daffyness – bowing low……Actually I think it is quite funny when you don\’t come down to their language and they don\’t understand – I should have mentioned just before blondie said her intellectual parting comment she stood for a few moments looking like her head was going to explode trying to process reasonably intelligent conversation. What she said was the best she could do.I remember once some nasty little bastard threatening to get his dad when i collared him acting a little suspiciously around the back of the houses and me telling him to sling his hook……I laughed and said \’Do you know who he is?\’Cue similar abuse I got from the hairdresserTake care hunLovePete XX

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