And Im back in the room (again)


4 Responses to “And Im back in the room (again)”

  1. good job the beer mats didn\’t make it to the washer, child of mine loves leaving tissues and paper in his pockets and me I just wing em in, hey not my job to check pockets, im not his girlfriend lmao xx

  2. Planet Nicola Says:

    That\’s hilarious! Especially when you did the "spack-attack" thing with your hand. PMSL! Have a great weekend, daffs! xxx

  3. Hiya babe, nothing much else to say really. I\’ll have to get around to videoblogging. I checked all the doodahs, and it all works, I just need to think of something worth saying. I nearly jacked in blogging a couple of months back, and today I sort of wished I had. I\’ve made the stoopid mistake of similarising my blog titles, and now it\’s the hardest bloody part to write…. ;-)Although it\’s great to see you come back after an absence, it\’s no fun when you ain\’t here.Love Long & Prosper, Daf,Stevexxx


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