Thanks for the Memories.

Fall Out Boy have split up – boo hiss…. I just told my son and he said ‘so are you crying inside’ I said ‘yeah just a lil bit’ ;O)
So Im off down to the fabulous Emz tonight.  I sense a beer fest in the making.

2 Responses to “Thanks for the Memories.”

  1. Bonjellytots Daffoodle-doodle-dooooooooooooo… Is that a Chimp-porn-zee cos that still from the vid looks extremely dodgy? Is he a Fall Out Fluffer? Smacks of all kinds of wrongness if I\’m honest.But I\’m here to offer my sympathies and a shoulder to cry on during this difficult time. I too have experienced the pain of band splittage… The angst when Earth Wind & Fire announced that they were possibly no more was overwhelming and my disco mojo (or my dijo as we used to call it) was never the same. Even now the very thought of trying to do a california hussle brings me to my knees in despair at the thought of a world without Earth Wind & Fire.Still, you know what they say… In to every life a little rain must Fall Out Boy…***Boogie Wonderland Tuesday Hugs***DB xxx

  2. Emma Louise Says:

    There\’s nothing on their official site yet hun, may just be a hoax 😀

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