Today I

Gotta search the hole I laughing call a bedroom to find a beer mat.  Not just any beer mat,  a beer mat with a bet on it.  About five years ago a bunch of us made a bet about the length of time it would take for something to happen.  I was bank and dutifully drunkenly scralled down everyones guesses. Now Im wondering whos bright idea that was.  Probably mine. So anyway last night I got a text off one of my mates saying ‘its happened who won the bet?’ So if I dont reappear youll know something in the dark recesses of the room became a life form and ate me and who won that bet shall never be known. Well either that or the temptation became too much and I ran off to Rio with the £5.64 that was in the pot to live the life style of a fugitive.  
Last night was cool and I woke up surprisingly un-hungover.  Yippee and just as well cos Im spending today at the Metro Centre with the kids and my mam. 
 Sparkly things here I come!
Anyway currently loving….

4 Responses to “Today I”

  1. lol hope you enjoyed the metro wont get far on just over a fiver though lol xxjen

  2. Here ducky ducky duckyCome out Come outWhere ever you are

  3. Planet Nicola Says:

    How intrigueing, what could it be? If I guess right do I win a prize, lol ( a beer mat, maybe??!!) The length of time: -For a friend of yours to come out and say he was gay.For someone you know to finally tie the knotFor someone to come out of jailFor something to closeFor something to open? For something to be builtfor something to be found.Nope. Give up.Cool blog though! And song! Have a groovy Wednesday eve, Daffsxxx

  4. Hmmmm……I\’m intrigued and as for your choice of music……the concensus in Tootsie Mansion is that it\’s only slightly less annoying than the song that originally accompanied those creepy looking internationally based animated children. Chucky!!!!

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