Bits n bobs n bets


2 Responses to “Bits n bobs n bets”

  1. Planet Nicola Says:

    Bugger! I was so close to getting that! I\’m giggling at Dollar. Dollar, yeah, they were quite good.. I remember them (god, I liked bucks fizz aswell..gosh i\’m so old lol) Funny vlog.And um, there is something on your nose. Something has landed on your nose, daffy! What\’s going on there? Is it new? Maybe I just didn\’t notice before.Nevermind.Laterrrzzzz xxxx

  2. Planet Nicola Says:

    Yeah, she\’s not that bright is she?!! (old cherylina) OOh, I\’ve just remembered who you remind me of. Can you remember Tracey Barlow out of Corrie? Well, her, but a lot better..obviously, if that makes sense? And the hoops are cool, you\’ve always got something interesting and lovely on.Keep up the good show! XxxxX

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