I wish people would stop doing this to me!

My brother is having an operation today, so I will spend it worrying about him til I hear everythings ok. 
A little while ago Id arranged with his wife to see them this week cos the kids were off.  My brother rang me yesterday to ask if I was still coming and said apparently he needed to see everyone he ever knew in case he dies on the operating table. I need to point out what hes getting done is very minor and to his nose,  so Im thinkin he may have been over dramatising.  Must run in the family.
 Hes totally football mental,  and I have got a newspaper somewhere with a picture of the Newcastle fans at a match.  Theres my brother emblazened over the back page, yelling his head off,  under a big banner that says ‘SACK THE BOARD’.
However I think he was prouder of this……

Cross your fingers and toes for him today for me please!


5 Responses to “I wish people would stop doing this to me!”

  1. Planet Nicola Says:

    Awww, what a brilliant photo! He\’s gorgeous, and Mr keegan\’s not too bad either… hahahaI have everything crossed for him.. even my legs!! (well, *tuts* it\’s early days, and it\’s only 12:19…before the wine commences! LOL) Tracy Barlow used to be in Corrie a couple of years back. Errm, She may well still be in, but I don\’t watch the street much thesedays as it comes on when I\’m at work. Sooo. Yeah, she was a baddie. But goodie actress in the show (her teeth were a bit crap at the bottom) But you\’re far prettier. Ok, cheerios! And Don\’t worry too much.. he\’ll be fine! xxxx

  2. I will be nice to ya today, even I have a heart. Unless this is some ploy to attack me when i\’m opened up. ummmmmmmm…You keep your spirits up and your head high.Have a good one, LK;-)

  3. Your brother doesn\’t half look like King Kev…….I\’d love it! Beter shut up hadn\’t I? Being a Man u fan and all……..Yes, the traumatic tails of woe really do make for entertaining reading…..needless to say I was emotionally damaged by this little epidsode, had several years of counselling and support to help to ever have another \’first date\’……..and you laughed!!!Wish your bro all the best for his o….us men are such wussies eh?Has someone said you look like Tracey barlow…….nah!! There was only one Tracey Barlow, the one who was always going upstairs to listen to her tapes………..I saw the actress who played her – Dawn Acton – a couple of years ago. She has a DJ spot in a local club called…..Tracey\’s Tapes…….well at least she can laugh at herselfTake carePete XPS I bought a webcam……maybe one day the v-log will follow!

  4. sure your bros doing fine daf have a lovely weekend xxjen

  5. Hey chick, you know what boys are like for over dramatising stuff, if they break a bone in 3 places they\’ll add one on so it\’ll be 4 lol. I\’m sure he\’ll be fine, just get ready for a few funny words for him when he comes round lol.(((BIG HUGS))) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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