Quick Update

My brother is doin fine,  bit sore but over the worst.  Apparantly he has a splint up his nose and woke up asking for Chinese ;O)
Thanks to everyone for the support and kinds words.
Back soon with a proper blog.

3 Responses to “Quick Update”

  1. Planet Nicola Says:

    That\’s great news! Here\’s to a speedy healing and total recovery *clink clink, cheers*Oh, tell him to keep the chopsticks just incase he gets an itch!!! : ))HAPPY DAYS! XXXX

  2. Wotcha Punz-Diddy… Comin atcha with a flat cap… like a panther in pinstripes… like a cougar in kashmir… Glad your brother\’s ok. A splint up the nose really sounds most uncomfortable. Is it like having callipers on your fillings to make you chew straight? Aaaaaaaah Happy Days… or shoud I say eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh Happy Days (see what I did there?). I remember the day my Fonzy fan club membership dropped through the letter box. I was so excited. I\’d pestered my mum to join (she thought I should join the scouts) and saved up my pocket money for months for the membership fee. I torn open the box and squealed with delight at what was inside. You got an \’I Love Fonzy\’ badge, a \’Fonzy Says Eeeeeeeeeeeeh\’ t-shirt (little known fact but it was the pre-cursor to the \’Frankie Says Relax\’ t-shirt), a replica leather jacket, a comb and a tub of Fonzy\’s own brand Brylcreme rip off hair product. How my mom & dad laughed when I tried the jacket on. It was waaaaay too big for me and I looked like the Fonz if he\’d tumble-dried cos everyone knows you don\’t tumble dry the Fonz. Still, they said I\’d grow in to it and I suppose 6 weeks later it\’s still too soon to expect it to fit properly but I can\’t wait til it does.Aaaaaaaaaaanywho\’s the weekend comes, my cycle hums and I\’m ready to race to Crewe… Why would the Fonz want to go to Crewe?***Tangy Tuesday Hugs***DB xx

  3. Oh and is Dizzee Rascal Mr Soft?… Can he tell us why the world in which he lives in is so strange? Cos while watching his video I could only see this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DGrffn_LKzE**Tang-fly-bos-walk-jam-nitty-gritty-you\’re-listening-to-the-boy-from-the-big-bad-city-this-is-jaaaaam-hot-this-is-jaaaaaam-hot Tuesday Hugs**DB xxx

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