Yesterday I went arse over tit over on the ice and today I woke up kuuuuuurrippled.  Having spent the day doing a nifty impression of Batman (the one with the really stiff necked costume) I went down to pick my son up from school.  Now I was hoping to wangle my way out of this,  rang my mam and was just about to tell her of my extreme pain and ask if my Dad would pick Dan up,  when she trumped me by getting in an early ‘your dads full of cold’.
So that meant I had to tootle off out,  using my mirrors to the fullest,  and my neck as little as possible.  EEEEEEEEvery junction I pulled up at,  theres mass sniggering from the back.  Dan says I looked like an Eagle eyed action man.  Oh and a woman tutted at me for not looking right.  I did see her honest,  I just didnt look like Id looked right cos I looked like this…..
(Oh maaaaaaaaaan watching this really makes me snigger cos minus the skinhead its meeeeeeeee!!!)

3 Responses to “Ouch…”

  1. The Lizard King works in mysteries ways. Now come ye saxon, let battle commence!!!

  2. Buggeration……Interesting word.You\’re right Daf, I should just give up giving up shouldn\’t I….nothing left, all the good stuff has gone from my lifeI feel better already….40 days of giving up giving up – that definitely works for me……….now, for my next trick!!Take carePete XX

  3. Hehehe I can just visualise the scenario there Daf… Hope your neck feels better soon… :-)Jen. xxx

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