Mind ya language


4 Responses to “Mind ya language”

  1. Hiya Daf, just been catching up on your blogs. Seems I haven\’t been here for a while. Sorry. Yeah, like you missed me.Anyway, sorry to hear you hurt yourself the other day; glad your brother\’s doing okay; pleased you seem to know the difference between fur and hair, although to be fair it\’s not a crucial point when grooming…. and lovely to see you again.I\’ll be sure to visit more often in future, cos I seem to miss so much when I don\’t.Laugh Long & Prosper, Daf.Steve xxxps. Speaking of language, have you seen the new Burger King posters? One has a burger (oddly enough) obscuring half a word, so all you see is "King Great", obviously made to look like "Fxxking Great" with a burger in the way. I just think that\’s king rude.

  2. My whippets are my trained slayers, step alittle closer if you please. It\’s duck season!

  3. Ok, just watched your jolly vid. I have know idea what your rambling about. I did notice over your left shoulder what appears to be a Lk. I know you have a fascination with me. You think you could hide it a bit better. Well awiating the next video to see an LK banner.Have a good one, LK;-)

  4. Yeah, I get it now…I only get it half hard……Honestly I get so many of them I am beginning to worry – ads for viagra I mean…I think the ads are indiscriminate so i wouldn\’t be too offended being a lady and all although in this modern age, we both take care of responsibility for contraception so maybe taking care of the erm….quality is a joint effort as well.Anyhoo, must fly, haven\’t quite summoned up the courage to v-log yet although i have had a couple of plays at it….I think I would be left all vulnerable and exposed if i did……or I am just a plain old mardy arse……..!!Take careHave fun Pete XX

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