Quick Catch up.

So I did try and do a lil vid for my blog today,  but was suffering a mass attack of the giggles so it made no sense what so ever.  All youd have seen was me cackling manically while trying in vain to tell you a story about how my daughters towel rail plays the first note of a song (yeah I know bet your gutted youve missed out on that one).
Well anyway just popping my head round the door to say hello before goin off to the pub.   Really rather excited cos on Wednesday night Im goin to see Trivium (lil video below if your interested). Not everyones cup of tea but theyre awesomely good at what they do if you like that sort of thing… which I do so whats it to ya? Doubley excited cos were taking someone with us as a surprise and he dont know yet.  Cant wait to see his face.
Apologies for not getting round blog reading,  but reckon Ill have a wander tomorrow.
Soooo for your listening pleasure….

5 Responses to “Quick Catch up.”

  1. Sparkles Says:

    Hope you enjoyed your night out… 🙂 That guy must have one sore neck lol… :-DJen. xxx

  2. DragonBoy Says:

    Moooooorning Daffoodle Dere is youse slippers \’n\’ may youse not ever like \’ave a days luck wiv em innit… By jove I think she\’s got it!!!! Quite disappointed by the lack of video blog although if you were going to be sitting there giggling with snot dribbling from your nose and laugh snorting it\’s probably a blessing in diguise. Somethings should be kept behind closed doors and not see the light of day or tinterweb. I mean, who knows who passes by here… small children… busy young executives with too much time on their hands… Scottish techies using the latest apps on their Och-Aye-Phones. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaanybody could see you in a state of bogey dribblyness.And i have to say that I\’m constantly amazed at how technology moves forward. i remember the good old days when families would gather round the piano in the parlour to sing songs. Now it appears that to be \’with it\’ you gather round towel rails in the bathroom. Bet the acoustics are better though. The sound wouldn\’t be dampened by packets of lard and spam.So what song is it? Could you include a sample of it next time you video blog and there could be a competition to guess the song. Imagine what fun you could bestow upon your bloggies (i wanted a word that was a cross between blog and groupies – my first thought was bloopies but that just reminded me of the noise you get when you pass wind in the bath and then it all went to rats and I totally lost my train of thought…) and how we\’d laugh at each others answer and the world would be full of joy and all because of a towel rail.I reckon it\’s got to be a recent song if this hilarious matter has only just come to light… I\’d therefore like to put forward my guess of Pass Out by Tinie Tempah… ***I got so many clothes i keep’s em in ma aunts house Tuesday Hugs***Tinie DB xxx

  3. Emma Louise Says:


  4. Oh… sorry, I didn\’t know you\’d already posted this vid. I\’ve posted the very same song on my blog today, after meeting half of Trivium last night. Still, I do like this one, so it\’s staying put…. ;-)Have a great night on Wednesday. Trivium were sounding great last night in Leeds. You\’re sure to have a damn good night.Love you loads,Stevexxx

  5. jenagoth Says:

    hi daf hows you xxjen

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