Being Hopeless…

So yeah Ive come to the conclusion Im the worst bloggy friend ever,  cos I havent done any meandering for days.  Its just been a busy week.  Gigs and funerals and birthdays and the like.  So in an attempt to worm my way back into some good books,  Im gonna blog this cos it totally cracks me up.
Back next week when I have more time on my hands.
Hope everyone has a great weekend!

6 Responses to “Being Hopeless…”

  1. LMAAAAAAAAOOOOOOO Best movie scene EVER!!!!! EEEEH OOOOOOOOH YAH YAH! Gene wilder is such a good funny actor!!!! He is pretty much my favourite!!! I\’m so chuffed ya posted this clip!!!! Tiz good for fighting the blues n stuff :o) I am sorry to hear about your friend\’s mum. My sympathies to him!Any hoo, short n sweet, I be off to cause trouble amongst the townspeople!!!LUV n HUGS!!!BBFNHB!!!(^_^)XXXXXX……….

  2. Sparkles Says:

    No worries Daf.. we\’re all busy at times.. see you next week… :-)Jen. xxx

  3. Planet Nicola Says:

    Yep. You\’re right. You are the worst Bloggy friend ever EVER EVER in the history of all bloggy friends EVER I waited for f@cking years for you to write back. You horrible horrible duck! ***cries*** LOL no worries, Dafffy glad you\’re still up to tricks! : D God, that bloke scares the shit out of me. Gene Wilder is creepy. Willy Wonker scared me as a child! I admit it.. it put me off choccies for yearrrs : (*** LMFAO Laterz xxxxxxx PS Funerals? Rather have gigs! yippppeee.

  4. Hey chick, long as you\’re ok that\’s all that matters right. Hope all the partying and funerals have been voddy fuelled hehe xxxxxxx

  5. HOK AYE WEE LASSYYYYY!!!! Ah were arroond lookin fer a loose moose aboot the hoose and ah thought, hoo\’s mah wee ducky chum! So A\’ve strapped on mah claymore and kilt and trotted over tha bloggy glen to sez HALLLOW! That there feller in ya clip is a canny old chappy, makes meh fall oot mah kilt wuth the gigguwls yener!! Ah diz hope ells well wuth ya wee clan there young lassy! noo yoo treat yerself right and have a good sleep with plenty blankys erl that pish! Weshin yeh a nighty night coz tez a wee bit late right the noo! nearly herf wen in the marnin yener!!!weshin yeh plenteh gigguwls en heppy geffers!!yers with bagpeypes ablewin, Angus McMuffin! xxx

  6. No sweat.x

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