5 Responses to “Baaaack.”

  1. Hiya Daf……. great to see you.You talk like Marlene Dietrich, and you dance like Zizi Jeanmaire………. whoever she may be…..I must just say, that as soon as I got here and saw you\’d posted Peter Sarstedt, I was somewhat taken aback. I know it was completely random, but this song was the UK number one single on the very day I was born….. which, as you know, was exactly 41 years ago this week. How strange is that? Aaaaaaaaand…. Peter Sarstedt is doing a gig round here next Monday, along with others of his ilk, just for fun, for a laugh… aha ha ha…. ;-)Have a wonderful week, sweetheart. Catch you soon, cos I want to look inside your head……xxx

  2. Well I was gasping first at the fashion, then I was half hoping the front few folk would start moshing, then I got to thinking it\’s a bit weird actually that song, makes him sound like a stalker or summet! Knows every detail of her life except what she\’s dreaming about, probably that crazed stalker who got on telly singing about her entire life. Weird I tell ya hehehe, of should that be hahaha lmao. Glad alls well in your world, fab blog although it was a bit quiet I had to even stop eating me crisps to hear.Later, stay as sexy and gorgeous as ever xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. DragonBoy Says:

    Strawberry Bon-Bonjour Daffoodle… I have come up with a new theory that songs seem longer if you\’re typing a comment. I was typing this one (I\’m working on another one but I decided to put that to one side and come back to it. It was about geraniums so when you do an appropriate blog about stuff that I can put a geranium theme comment on without sounding like a complete eeeeeeeeeeeeeeejut you\’ll have it… It\’s an absolute corker and will make you snort like a horny pig) and I kept thinking \’Does this song never end?\’ cos it seemed to go on and on and on and ooooooooooooooooon… Following on from Louise\’s comment ***helloooooooooooooooo louise*** ***waves*** about the dancing It struck me that there seemed to be only one kind of dance in the…. whenever this was… only the speed varied. You watch any vid of the time and everyone is doing the same dance ****mating call of the HOWLER MONKEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE… WOOHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAA***… sorry, that Bing advert gets me everytime… Looka the kids faaaaaaaaaaaaace… LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ooooooooooooooooooooooooh dear…. anyway where was I???… Oh yes, same dance… different speed… in essence…Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo…ooooh I tell you something… I WANT ONE OF THOSE GUITARS!!!!!!!!!! It plays guitar and acordian all at the same time!!!! How Fan-frenchin-tastic-Racehorse-For-Christmas is that? No effects peddle… Just a Guitordican…Right… I\’m off to finish my geranium comment.***Moochin an a moosin\’ Monday Hugs***DB xxx

  4. Great blog Daf… God that tune brings back memories from way back…Jen. xxx

  5. Hiya Daf! :)Sorry I\’ve been absent, but I aint been blogging much and as you know I aint fond of the WLS platform. Blah, blah blah, you heard it all before, so I\’ll stop. hahaAt the start of the video all I could hear was a geordie accentand talking fast, sounded like gibberish! haha I could hear the rest though, so no worries. We all got me Mam a box of chocolates on Mother\’s Day, she ate the ones she liked and left the others. haha. Glad you had a good day.Just a flying visit, I\’m now off to eat me steak pies! Talk again soon, hopefully! Latersssssss ya crazy duck! 🙂 x

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