Its A Dogs Life


4 Responses to “Its A Dogs Life”

  1. HeyThank you for regaling me with your spoon stories….family business eh?At least you got into the spirit of my \’tongue firmly in my cheek\’ blog. There is a reason for the blog which i will probably tell you about sometime……the real version of events was…Someone nicked the teaspoons…Right, i\’m off to nick some moreHope all is well – as well as being mad as a box of frogsTake care DaffyPete XX

  2. Ain\’t that a pampered pooch hehehe. My mates got a yorkie and he\’s a nutter, blags you with the ball none stop, barks at ya and then does that look at you thing look at the toy! I give in eventually but blag he continues to do lmao. Hope you have a good party, I don\’t do fancy dress cos everything I wear is fancy pmsl. I can look a t**t without getting dressed up special for lmao xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Planet Nicola Says:

    AWWWW I love her! What a sweet little face and temprement she has. Cute name… cute hair! LOL (I mean yours!) Can\’t beat pubs where you can take your doggy\’s.My local has some right funny characters that come in (and their dogs!) Sometimes they all have a little doggy get together and run around the tables by-passing the dartsand dominoe players all In front of the roaring pub fire.. It\’s pretty funny and cosy to look at. Anyways, thanks for the comment you left – the party sounds fab. Hope you have an awesome time.Ciao for now, Daffy.xxxxx

  4. Ahhhhhhh cute!! Cuddly and furry with a wet nose. The dogs nice too!!xx

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