Saturday waffle.

(unless you piss me off personally or go wierd stalker on my ass)
(unless its spam telling me you have cheap lap top batteries or there are girls in my area interested in me right now!)
I began blogging about five years ago because at that point both my kids had Spaces,  and I thought it looked kinda cool.  Somewhere to share silly day to day stuff,  and anything funny or funky internet wise I found.  My blog has always been somewhere for me to come and spend the odd bit of spare time,  just chillaxing.  Obviously thats not the same for everyone.  Some people keep em alot more like diaries,  other use them for sharing their creative side.  Over the years Ive made some good friends and had many passing aquaintances,  but the reason Im here has never changed.  This is kinda my little oasis.  It makes me smile and I hope some of you get a few chuckles along the way too. 
So aaaaaaaaaanyway,  this week has been a strange mix of successful and not so successful.  Earlier in the week I attempted to wallpaper my kitchen ceiling.  I got (thinking it would be a time saver) this double width wallpaper.  So theres me up a ladder, trying to get the equivalent of a damp sheet to stick to my ceiling.  It didnt work.  I ended up banging my shin (where I now have a lovely gash and bruise) and swearing my head off.  The unfortunate wallpaper,  through no fault of its own is now scrumpled up in my bin. 
Yesterday boychild went to a physics lecture over at Durham Uni.  Although he’s still only doiing A Levels the school in their wisdom decided the kids needed to know this stuff. On the letter we got it said ‘to encourage independence in the sixth formers,  they have to make their own way there’.  Yeah cos I am that gullible.  They just wouldnt fork out for a bus tight buggers.  So anyway a bunch of them went over there (muggins playing taxi) and managed not to destroy the world,  which I thought was quite a bonus seeing as Im rather looking forward to my night out tonight.
Anyway Im gonna leave you with this cos Im pretty much addicted to it at the moment.
Oh and a couple of pics that tickled me….
Naked photographer strikes again.



3 Responses to “Saturday waffle.”

  1. Planet Nicola Says:

    re: My sister\’s always had other gaffs, it\’s only me that\’s just flown the nest. I don\’t have the internet at home yetthough, so I use it at my ma & pa\’s (my internet) just can\’t be bothered with all the kerfuffle of asking the broadband service!)I was just being daft about the pony – there\’s no possibility of ever having something so time consuming and expensive.It wouldn\’t be fair – I could hardly afford to feed my cat : S ..and that\’s at my mums because I don\’t think it\’s fairshifting the poor little bugger again. Anyhoos.. love this blog. These spaces eh? I can remember the very first day I made mine up.. not had the net for longand had seen a bloke\’s space and thought it would be fun to do my own. I called it planetnicola because (that\’s my name obviously lol and my sister always used to laugh and take the piss out of me because I would talk about myself loads and she\’s say \’we are now approaching planet nicola please fasten your seatbelts\’ .. ohhh, sisterly love! :DLike you, I can\’t stop it now. Can\’t delete it, or bring myself not to be able to have a play on here. Over five years I think? Lots of fun, lots of tears… and that\’s just the decorating! (god, It\’s so ironic.. I spent allday yesterday painting – thinking it was awesome and like something lawrence lewelyn bowyn (spellcheck lol) had done only to see it in the cold light of day and think : what a f@!&ng mess!!! : ( Have a great saturday, Daffy!! xxxps laughed my socks off at the guy in the mirror and i\’m liking the song too, cheers! : )

  2. Hey,How you doingFunny how a bunch of ill feeling and nuttyness around spaces prompts people to have to justify why they do whay they do. I\’m like you – more so originally I was airing some social commentary and getting what irked me off my chest, more recently just posting silly blogs and trying to brighten up an otherwise miserable world…..I avoided the nutters, could usually smell them a mile away but one or two slipped through the net…as it were. I wasn\’t even going to dignify recent activities with a mention on my blog but when other people were being involved – getting someone\’s space closed down for exactly what they had done???? – time to stamp my size 11\’s down a little and get a bit mean.Anyhoo, hopefully the rock will be crawled under again and normal service can be resumedThanks for dropping by and making me laugh as ever – you truly are one nutter I am happy to have aroundTake carePete XX

  3. Sparkles Says:

    Hi Daf… I was going to put a piccy in your guestbook.. thought you had one… Hope you\’ve had more success with the decorating… :-DHave a magical day…Jen. xxx

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