Time for a kit kat


One Response to “Time for a kit kat”

  1. DragonBoy Says:

    Bon-Sherbert-Licquorice-Stick-Jella Daffundle Pandundlesticks… Sorry to hear about the whole shitty thing you\’ve got going down at the moment. I\’m waving my hanky at you as you disappear off in to the sunset but I\’m holding you to the fact that you\’ll be back again… You\’ve still got my mower don\’t forget…. And my grass grows long… It\’s like a jungle out there… Somtimes I wonder how I keep from going under….Anyway… may your sabatical path be smooth… May there be coffee stops a-plenty… and may the sun shine in your face but not directly in to your eyes like that autumny sun you get that when you\’re driving blinds you.Til next our paths cross…***Word Uuuuuuuuuup … It\’s the code word… no matter where yo say it you know that you\’ll be heard Wednesday Hugs***DB xxx

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