Open for Business.

I just got a text off my daughter that really made me laugh  I hope she doesnt mind me sharing….
Im outraged,  about a week ago I told stu i had a great idea for a series on the tv,  i said it would be called something like ‘the joneses’ and it would be about a family that all the neighbours wanted to be like even though they were a bit odd n did daft stuff, n apparently theres a film coming out at the end of this month called ‘the joneses’ about a family thats the envy of their neighbours even though everything isnt as it seems. I swear stuff like that does nothing to convince me theres not microphones in the lightbulbs.’
I replied that there is also CCTV in her bathroom (not that Im feeding her paranoia at all ;O) to which she replied ‘Doesnt surprise me Ive got a nice bum’
In other news,  my son and I have a new and interesting tradition.  In our day to day banter one of the things that regularly crops up is,  he’ll ask me something to which Ill reply ‘I dunno’ then he’ll say ‘You dont know much’ at which point we both burst into a very wobbly rendition of this.
Oh the winter nights just fly…

6 Responses to “Open for Business.”

  1. Ha Ha !…. You fell for the Spaces plea and let me back in… Mwahaahaahaahaahaaaaarrrrr…Just think though, when the new Scrabble rules kick in, you and your lad will be able to play along to your hearts\’ content without any rendition of the above. Maybe "Word up" or "A letter to Rudi" or even "Words" ?OK – It\’s the middle of the week and I have nothing better to do…. Well, there\’s plenty actually. I suppose I\’d better get on with it.TTFN;0)

  2. DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAF! I don\’t weird you out? I should start trying harder! haha Thanks for your recent comment on my blog. I\’ve started replying to them in my comment section, I think it\’ll keep me interested in WLS and not mess up your comment section with huge Political esseys! haha I responded in my comment section if you wanna see my reply. :)Hahaha As you know I am parnoid. I often think "You could easily get a camera in that crack over there. You could easily attach a mini camera to that fly!". haha I need to stop it but living ina city where there\’s always been Highrise flats from the 60\’s onwards you can\’t help but feel like you\’re being watched! Could you loan me an RPG so I could kill a coule of the nosey sods?I sow some seeds on Sunday just gone. I put them in the little cells, got well over a 100 mixed plants on my back windowsill! I\’ll take pictures when they come up! :)Hugs and hope you\’r eover the worse of the Flu now. Laters materssssssssssssss xxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Ohhh well I got here so maybe I\’m not so weird then hehe xxx

  4. HRH Daf Says:

    Hey all I said was you hadnt freaked me out being wierd. I never said any of you werent 😛 xx

  5. DragonBoy Says:

    Aloha Daffo ol\’ buddy ol\’ pal… I\’ve dodged the infra-red cameras, the laser sighted gun turrets and the attack dogs (some of which were wearing capes :s) and made it to the sanctuary of your space. Felt like I was in the crystal maze at one point as I ran through the Crystal Maze you\’ve erected around the place and with Richard O\’Brien tootling away on his mouth organ the atmosphere literally crackled with tension, excitement and pork scratchings (interesting choice of floor covering).Our Nev always used to unnerve me slightly… and still does. Have you seen the size of that man\’s arms? Did he used to be a body-builder of some sort? I imagine him pumping away at the irons and him suddenly thinking…\’ What\’s it all about? There must be more to life than lifting heavy things and putting them down again… What the world needs is a man with huge arms and a slightly squeaky nasal voice to team up with a lynda \’dumdum dumdum dumdum WONDEEEEEEER WOOOOOOOMAAAAAAAAAN\’ carter looky-likey and sing a sugary sweet duet.Now I\’ve only managed to watch the video without sound and, at first, I thought Nev was having a bit of a twitchy fit during the opening of the song, but there\’s a give away that something more sinister may be happening… I think Linda Rondstat is holding our Nev to ransom and forcing him to sing this song. The glance upwards 3 seconds in to the song indicates snipers on the TOTP\’s gantry and look behind Linda\’s eyes in the look to the camera at 1:27… If they aren\’t saying \’You know where to leave the ransom bitches\’ then I don\’t know a look that would.I don\’t know muchbut if there isn\’t 10 million in unmarked US dollars in the bin round the back by the end of this songThen our Nev\’s gonna be duetting with the angels…The late 80\’s were a cut-throat time though… And can you smell paint?**I don\’t know much… but I know it\’s Wednesday Hugs**Aaron DB xxx

  6. @ Daf: You KNOW I weird you out the most! In fact I pride mesen on it! I rock no one else does *pulls tongue at the Daf*. haha Thanks for commenting as always, looking forward to hearing your opinion if and when you\’re up to it. All the weirdo love in teh world!- Philski x

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