Feel good.

So really Im just popping my head round the door to say hello,  and all is well.  Been doing a tun of decorating and generally taking advantage of the nice weather hence no internet time.  Thought Id share these for now,  cos I gotta say Im loving the Baseballs cos they fit right in with the lush weather, and just make me wanna bop about.
Hope everyone is dandy and be back when it rains :O)

2 Responses to “Feel good.”

  1. Sparkles Says:

    Did you manage to get that wallpaper on the ceiling then Daf…? Lol Sounds like you\’ve been a busy bee… See you when it\’s raining lol… :-DJen. xxx

  2. DragonBoy Says:

    Bonjingo Daff-a-laff-a-roodle-doo-schwing-bop-a-lop-a-ramalamadingdong… Ain\’t the weather glorious at the moment?? Spring is in the air and I have rainbow drops in my pocket (they\’re still in the packet… I haven\’t just tipped some in my pocket just for the sheer help of it… that would be madness… anyway they\’d stick to the swizzle lollies and who wants rainbow drop flavoured swizzle lollies?… mmmmmmmmmmm lollies…).Being stuck in an office all day doesn;t really lend itself to cruising especially when the boss catches me with my arm draped over the armrest of my chair and one of these poking up from my desk:http://www.charliesdirect.co.uk/images/products/l/casdon-children-s-postman-pat-steering-wheel-1.jpgTalk about desk rage… he propers goes off on one… Gets all \’radji\’ as I think they say in your part of the world. And as for the dog gate and labrador I have on the desk behind me… well some people just can\’t pick things up and run with them. That\’s the thing with this warm weather… gets people all hot n bothered. Bring back the snow I say… People were much more calmerer when the snow was about… proper blitz spirit and all that… still I can remember when all this was fields. I\’ll never understand how you got that 10,000 chicken battery farm and child labour sweatshop you\’ve got out the back passed by the authorities. And yes I know that it\’s all powered by the wind farm but 2 eco friendly wrongs don\’t make a right now do they? Hhhmmmm? Still I\’ll take two dozen large eggs and a pair of those Noke\’s size 9 while I\’m here.***Fry\’s Turkish Delight Friday Hugs***DB xxx

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