Popping back.


2 Responses to “Popping back.”

  1. Planet Nicola Says:

    The link you sent was broken (not to worry i followed what it meant) I get what you mean now when I look at it (the little mermaid) so lol, thank you! I AM a mermaid YAYYY Oh and thank you for the birdy wishes x it\’s on the 5th..which means you\’re not late at all.. i\’m all excitedI\’m looking forward to having no presentss and a shit time like last year haha 😀 Yeah, isn\’t diy dangerous?! I fell off a step ladder tonight and nearly hung myself trying to put an hangin\’ (no pun intended)basket up. I mean seriously, It was at the front of the house as well.. god forbid anyone saw me.. I bet they were pissing themselves! Um… and who to vote for. I\’m not voting for Mr Cameron that\’s for sure, cos he\’s for fox hunting and he just looks like a slimey bastard. I dunno. Anyhoos.. have a great (long) weekend, keep safe and don\’t do anything naughty!!! haha x

  2. Philip Says:

    DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAF! Ya mad lass ye! Clegg\’s Half Dutch I think, his wife is Half Spanish. Not sure if he\’s a ginger or not. I have ginger facial hair but I promise you I DON\’T dye my hair at all. Just an Irish thing, I had blonde hair when I was born, but it gradually started going dark blonde when I was 12, now I\’m a dirty blonde (shut up! lol). I agree with you, the debate was funny, but at the same time for me it pissed me off big time because I knew when they were bullshitting, which was pretty much constantly. And Lib-Dems have been in power, back when Loyd George was the leader. But that was LOOOONG ago, not really sure it could be considered the same party now.Don\’t like that song you posted. Um… I wont go in to why but lets say you have questionable taste in Music! LOL! 😉 Hope all is well for you and the fmaily mate! Much love to all! 🙂

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