computer go boom (again)

So yeah my PC went bye byes again last week.  Currently on fixing it and on a borrowed lappy (which really isnt coping awfully well bless its little chippy cotton sox). Its making blogging a bit of a mare,  but is also the perfect excuse to run off into the sunshine until Im on something a bit quicker again.  Im soooo missing my music though.  Have been reduced to watching MTV in the morning,  and apparently they only have about ten songs at the moment none of which are particularly floating my boat.  Tonight though Im off to see a band,  just a local one but Ive seen em a few times and theyre pretty funky.  Bring on the beer!!
Back once I get sorted.

2 Responses to “computer go boom (again)”

  1. Hiya Daf! :o). My XP PC died on me again this week! 😛 Luckily I have 2 PC\’s and the second is ok, besides the fact it\’ Vista and Movie Maker wont work on it! I made some up to date Garden videos to post but wanted to edit them together as the camera I had only recorded 3 mins of vid a piece. Don\’t see why Vista PC doesn\’t support movie maker, I used it before! Only thing different with the PC is the monitor, surely that couldn;t cause it to not work? Another PC mystery brought to us by Ciztizen Gates!Anyway, I hope the techies fix ya poorly PC/Laptop up soon so you can surf to your heart\’s content for all that funkey music! Have a blast at the gig and enjoy ya sen, as you don\’t already! 😉 Take care and hugs! xxx- Phil

  2. Aye up saus….Oooohh… not again.My Graphics card is whirring and whistling away at the moment. Only had it 6 months and it\’s on its way out.Re Philip\’s dilemma – don\’t, whatever you do, attempt to download any movie maker updates onto Vista – it will invalidate your "Genuine Advantage" registration.I upgraded to Win 7 a few weeks ago and did a similar thing. Had to get a new product key etc.Anyhoo – The sun is indeed shining here at the moment so, I\’m sat here typing this.Hmmph….Best do something about it I suppose.Cheers chuckTCC;0)

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