Today is Monday


2 Responses to “Today is Monday”

  1. Bonjovi!!! Im here to chew bubble gum and to kick ass… im all out of kick ass…. ANYWAY, sadly I can\’t hear this at the moment.. I vaguely heard somethin bout yummy coffee, but i thought it would be rude to be here and not say bonjella sigarillo!! Dunno where i heard that but i digest. Though I cant actually hear a damn thing at the mo, i shall return soon to listen to ya! Damn bugs stealing my voice and my hearing!!! GRRRRRRR :(ANYWAY, I\’m off coz im gonna go have something to eat before tummy shouts at me. Wishin you a marvelous sunny monday and a wonderful evening to come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BBFNHB!!!LUV n HUGS!!!(^_^)xxxxxxx……….

  2. DragonBoy Says:

    Wotcha Daffo-r-once-in-my-life-I-have-found-something-that-i-can\’t-remember-the-rest-of-the-words-tooooo… It\’s me… DB… y\’know DBBBBBBB… We used to do the Huck a Buck but you didn\’t know how to do it so you were out of luck… Oh the irony!!!!… Forgetting you didn\’t have a memory… How does that happen?… Aaaand it seems like you\’ve forgotten how to video blog as well… Would you like written instructions? Will people have to buy you post-it notes for birthdays and christmas so you can write things down so you can remember what they are? Friiiiidge… Dooooog… Waaaasp… MTVVVVV…Aw well, it comes to us all at one point or another but you\’re making me quite anxious about it. Being young and still in the prime of life with full use of all facilities provided by the lord baby jesus\’ dad I\’m worried about whether I\’ll start to lose my memory to. I love a good grudge but if I\’m going to start forgetting why I\’m holding them and who they\’re held against that\’s just rubbish… And what if you get mixed up and start holding the wrong grudge against the wrong person? Actually, there could be a hilarious sitcom in there somewhere… Could be called \’A Finger Of Grudge\’ where this person called Bob Finger has all these grudges against people and he keeps getting mixed up whose grudge is whose leading to something funny happening… Ok it needs some work and fleshing out but it\’s gonna be a winner.And Wasps and Lemon Curd???? Who told you that piece of complete and utter hokum? You need an information lie filter if you\’re going to surround yourself with people that tell you that sort of cobblers… Wasps like Angel Delight (Butterscotch favour), Kenny Rogers (who you should never shout and swear at) and Chupa Chups…Anyway I shall leave you to your senior moments…**Thuckering Thuckertash Thursday Hugs**DB xxx c((u((> <<< It\’s meant to be a wasp ok??? Eeeeeeshh

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