Just pondering….


So I have this thing on my mind,  and I been thinking about it for a while and kinda hoping I was wrong about what I thought was going on.   I dont really wanna go into detail,  Im just blogging it to kinda try and clarify my thoughts.

What Im wondering is,  if someones a close friend,  how loyal do you expect them to be? For me personally its a massive part of friendship.  To know my mates have my back, and to do the same for them.

Trouble is,  I know something I wish I didnt,  and now I dont really know what to do about it.

Sleep on it I guess……



4 Responses to “Just pondering….”

  1. A lot of "What if\’s" and "What wherefores" there kidda.Obviously, whatever it is has nothing to do with me otherwise I\’d have known about it.Yes – sleep. Especially on it.I have an issue with ITV at the moment….How can they have possibly thought it was a good investment to buy "Seed of Chucky" ?What a waste of a dormouse\’s intellect that is.Anyhoo – I rant and therfore I\’m a ranter.BedtimeG\’Night saus;0)x

  2. here …. have a missing "e"

  3. DragonBoy Says:

    Moooooooooorning Dizzle… I know things that\’d make your hair curl… Like putting curlers in your hair… Crazy huh? aNYWHO\’S (Does it make it anyless annoying if I type it like that?… Or like this AnYwHoO\’s… and is it any less annoying if I spell it in a different way?… EnIeHu…) please don\’t turn in to Bill Oddie… he\’s appears to be a nasty vicious little man who has his underwear in a bunch and a thoroughly dislikeable person. I\’d much rather you be someone like Terry Nutkins or Chris Packham or maybe that woamn that\’s on the One Show that has nothing to do with birds but tells you all about plants. Knitted jumpers would be a good look for you.And talking about bees c(((u)))> … I scanned that nice list that nice man left me and I liked monkeyhoney… Who knew that you get get honey from monkeys? Bet they\’re dead difficult to get in those aviaries… or is that what you put birds in… and could you have bigger holes in the netting of the hat you wear cos y\’know, monkeys are ginormous compared to bees… Be like me trying to be a woodpecker or giraffe trying to be a tortoise or a lion trying to be an ant or a hippo trying to be a mouse… and if hippo\’s were mouses imagine the size of the mousetraps you\’d have to buy… All in all you\’ve got to say that nature got it right… apart from wasps… why those little bastards can go to hell… they can go to hell and die!!!!Thank goodness we have pigeons eh if what your friend says is true… That person must be very wise. Heed their counsel and do not mock them in any way shape or form… ever…Oh and I\’ve had booby invites as well. It\’s very kind of her to let me know but I\’ve decided I have enough excitement in my life what with that lady from the One Show (the plant one not the water skiing charity one) and playing Red Dead Redemption. OH MY WORD what a game!!!!It\’s fab Daff…Just indescribably fab…Seriously…If you\’re ever about online anytime I really must tell you all about it cos you\’d never get bored of hearing about it…. I mean DONKEYJACKING!!!… Watch out for it on a beach near you this summer!!!!!***Bank Holiday Weekend Friday Hugs***DB xxx c((u))>

  4. Planet Nicola Says:

    Interesting stuff. I know you can\’t tell, so I won\’t ask. Sleeping on a subject is good.. I always have more clarity on a subject when I\’ve \’slept\’ on it. To be honest, good mates in the past haven\’t given me the support and loyalty I would have hoped for.Which has made me wonder if they were really great friends to begin with. You just have to do what you feel is right, Daffy. To snitch or not to snitch.. that is the problem. The truth comes outeventually, no matter what (if this is the problem???)Hope you had a fab weekend?! XXXNic

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