So the day rolls round again.

So to be honest Im just killing some time before our little Eurovision party tonight.  This year we’ve moved location to my daughters and we’re all obviously very excited.  Now for the scoffers out there Id like to point out that the Eurovision song contest is one of the greatest opportunities of the year to completely take the piss, whilst eating takeaway, drinking beer, and jeering at the world in general.  Theres just so much fodder.  I would like to point out that this is in no way racist or political as we jeer based completely on musical merit,  costumes, dancing and any surprise elements thrown at us.  We are utterly fair with our ruthlessness. This year (thanks to my darling daughter) we’re even organised enough to have printed sheets on which to do our scoring and they have a section for us to leave our scathing comments.
For some unexplicable reason last year we didnt do it (I think thats just cos it was the first year that Tat didnt live at home) and obviously it left a great void in our lives,  cos this year we’re more up for it than ever.  I have heard some snippets of the sheer Godawfulness that is gonna be on (including our own entry) and quite honestly I cant wait to sink my teeth into it.  Allegedly theres gonna be a full monty moment of velcro ripping trousers with sparkly hot pants underneath,  but I think the hotpants would have to have built in flame throwers or something if they have any chance of topping Lordi a few years back ;O)
Wishing everyone a fab Saturday night!

One Response to “So the day rolls round again.”

  1. Ohhhh didn\’t we do well, I didn\’t watch it I must admit, would rather stick pins in me eyes lmao. Hope you had a blast chick, good excuse for a piss up if nowt else lmao xxx

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