Gone Wrong.

Disclaimer: I very much doubt this is the funniest video in the world, but it did make me laugh.

7 Responses to “Gone Wrong.”

  1. pmsl xxx

  2. DragonBoy Says:

    Fantastical and financial suspect friday greetings Daff… I thought I\’d pop round and see what all the fuss is about these new comment boxes… Is it true that you can\’t just waffle on for ages? Is it true that our creative juices are being repressed and split up in to different boxes?

  3. DragonBoy Says:

    Can i really just keep typing and it won\’t drop down to the next line when i reached the edge of the comment box? WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE??? THEY ARE TOO STUPID TO BE THE REAL MSN SPACES DEVELOPMENT TEAM… This is what progress does for ya… If I had my way we\’d still be in caves poking things with sticks and drawing on walls with our own poop… Some of us may still do that… Having the best of both worlds… AND IT\’S ME THAT\’S CALLED UNCIVILISED!!!!

  4. DragonBoy Says:

    Got myself one of those new apple I-Poop\’s they\’ve just released. It\’s like a normal toilet but you pay 5 times as much for it as a normal toilet and it doesn\’t have a chain… You have to chuck a bucket of water down it after you\’ve finished. Now THAT\’s progress!!!

  5. DragonBoy Says:

    I\’m now thinking I may have to retype this comment cos I\’m looking at the \’Add\’ button and I\’m sensing an imminent epic fail and it going… No DB… Fugg Off you waffly bastard… And take your waffle with you ***shakes fist***Let\’s see what it does… ***Presses \’Add\’***

  6. DragonBoy Says:

    And indeed it did epic fail… HOW RUBBISH!!!!!!… It\’s like being given a half sucked lolly isn\’t it really? All the fun but not quite… Anyway… My work here is done… I have paid work to do that doesn\’t involve being your comment monkey… although give me an infinite amount of me and an infinite amount of typewriters and I reckon I could knock out a Janet and John book in a couple of years…

  7. DragonBoy Says:

    Til the next time Daffashion… Turn to left… Daffashion… Step to the right… oooooooooooooooooh Daffashion… Hooray For Dave Bowie**I\’ll make you famous Friday Hugs***DB xxx

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