Witches and Cake

Just adding this to the top of my blog… Spaces isnt posting half the comments I try and leave so apologies and will try again later. 
So I thought it was time to do a little update here,  cos its been a while since I had a ramble and I aint talking blackberries,  but thats brambles isnt it? Anyway I think this is the first time Ive ever sat here and thought ‘hmmmm what shall I write?’ but Im putting that down to a vaguely uncomfortable feeling that I have that its not gonna post,  or my settings are all gonna be different,  and even if it does and they arent,  noone can leave a comment longer than the size of a text unless theyre very determined.
Had quite a quiet week cos I havent been feeling top notch,  but Wednesday night went down to see a bunch of my mates,  hereafter known as the Odd Squad unlike when I get together with the girls,  who are affectionately known as the Coven.  Anywhoo,  we’re arranging a weekend away at the beginning of September at Pendle and I cant wait.  For the uninitiated in the early 1600’s there were a whole bunch of people tried and hung as witches down there.  Two of my mates are well into the hokum of it and every year they go down and camp in the woods and get completely pissed.  Originally I said nooooooo as I do not camp.  But the whole ideas grown a bit so now theres a bunch of us renting three cottages and were gonna go into the woods and get drunk as skunks and play Blair Witch.   Last year when they went they picked up a business card for a medium called Harry.  Reason being  Harry looked alot like a serial killer.  Harry has been duly booked and apparently is delighted as he hasnt had a booking since Christmas (this does not bode well for his talents if you ask me ;O) One of my mates at this point getting very excited said ‘We should get him to come into the woods with us and make him summon the witches’ (we really are like a bunch of little kids sometimes) to which I said ‘yeah cos hes really gonna be up for going into the woods with a bunch of drunken lunatics hes only just met. He’ll probably worry were gonna sacrifice him’. So anyway Id been out for a fag and came back in to find a very airiated (and slightly drunk Emma) cos they were having her on there was only one outside toilet and it had no roof. LMAO!  I love my friends I really do…..
Apart from that,  yesterday my folks came over. Theyre also away on hols soon and mentioned that they need to go shopping for a few bits before they go.  My mam was doing the old lady thing of vaguely mouthing something and actually telling me she wants to buy underwear to hold her tum in when shes wearing a dress.  Shes in her 60s shes allowed.  Anyway shed mentioned that she’d had some massive knickers before for this purpose but that they rolled down,  at which point my dad who just doesnt talk about womens things at all was looking a bit pained,  and then she mentioned she had had this problem with tights before too,  at which point he was going a bit purple.  To which I said oh I dont have that problem I cut holes in the sides and stick my arms through.  My dad looked completely mortified (cos I think for a second he actually believed me) and my mam  was crying laughing.   
Ya know considering I said I couldnt think of anything to write this blogs looooooong.  So anyway my week got off to a rather shakey start cos Im a bit of a fuckwit sometimes,  but has improved massively as its gone on. Boychilds finished his exams and thinks they went ok (although thats really hard to tell) and girlchilds off on her hols having a fab time and trying to avoid oily beaches.
Hope everyone has a fab weekend and enjoys the football (if its your thang) and manages to avoid it if it’s not.
Anyone for Cake that wont make ya fat?

7 Responses to “Witches and Cake”

  1. Rather stick pins in me eyes than watch football, am just waiting for em all to moan when we get promptly knocked out pmsl. I can\’t set my settings and people can\’t leave comments either! Is there anybody here??? There\’s nobody here but us chickens lmao xxx

  2. Sheesh, go figure! haha

  3. Planet Nicola Says:

    haha laughing at louise\’s comment above… a girl after my own heart. Bless! You\’ll have to make a video/vlog of Pendle, Daffy… and see if you can capture anything spooky on it (ie orbs, witchy type things etc… or really pissed people!!!) Wish I was going, saying that though.. wish I was doing anything at the moment. Apart from housework my social life is pants now…even tighter and bigger than your mums! : (

  4. Planet Nicola Says:

    But for now, fed up..can\’t wait for the football season to end.I\’ll have a smal drinky poos for you tonight though *chink chink* cheers xxx

  5. Planet Nicola Says:

    Gosh that was so difficult to post – they\’ve really buggered this thing up, haven\’t they? twits!

  6. Emma Louise Says:

    We cant be seen on Camera Nicola, the Odd Squad are a secret society lol! Jacqui PENDLE WILL BE AMAZING!!!! I so so so cant wait!

  7. I knooooooow! EEEEEEEK!! xx

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