So last week was really rather a good one.  Got a new tattoo which I might post a pic of when its properly heeled,  went to a rather stonkingly good gig,  plenty of sunshine and vino. I do think maybe I got a touch too much sun though cos inexplicably I found myself watching the football on Sunday afternoon. My son specifically went on Facebook to wind people up and everytime Germany scored (which lets face it was frequently) he would update his status saying how good they were.  His sister the blonde haired blue eyed arian also joined in.  How they didnt get lynched I dunno. 
So last night I went to the pub,  and have to confess to bein a bit tipsy before I even got there.  The bar ladies are very good and regularly put on food for everyone,  which is nice except apparently I have no control over how many mini pork pies I eat once Ive had a few. 
Anyway posting this all over the place at the moment cos it reminds me of a moment of bliss.

2 Responses to “Vunderbaaaar.”

  1. Sparkles Says:

    Hey who ate all the pies..? Hehehe… 😀 Glad you\’ve been enjoying yourself Daf.. love the tune.. presume you heard it at the gig..?Big hugs!Jen. xxx

  2. I\’d not actually heard this one untill the other night but i really liked it! Stu\’s asleep on the setee so time to crack out some music (sounds cruel, i just meant quietly cause he\’d had the tv on and how he can sleep with the traffic outside ive got no idea) xxx

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