So yeah I know…

For every study undertaken there will be another study that says exactly the opposite thing,  but Ive been reading up on the effects of modern ways of communicating and I thought it raised some interesting points. 
Texting is great…  its quick and handy and I do it a hundred times a day.  But texting is also one of the worst ways to communicate with anyone because you lose tone,  sarcasm is a waste of time and you dont get to see body language.  The actual words themselves are just a tiny part of the whole communication thing.  When we get a text,  because we cant read the mood of the person sending it unless there are lols and winks all over the place, we read it through our own mood. So if your in a bad mood when you get a text your far more likely to see sarcasm where there isnt any or be offended.   
40% (and I dunno how they come up with these figures) of our personality and intention is lost when sending an email.    
Also while we may feel we have a larger circle of friends here on  the internet,  we actually feel we have a smaller circle of close friends that we really trust than we have at any time. Survey says most people say they only have one or two people they trust completely and one in four say they have noone. How rubbish is that?  Apparently this is due to the fact that on t’interweb we can control what people see of us,  leading us to think that noone really knows us properly cos they never get to see us fuck up,  tell us were being a tit or generally have to bail us out of the crap situations we all get ourselves in from time to time.  Ya know… the kind of times that you have with real life mates where one of you makes a complete arse of yourself and then gets the piss ripped mercilessly.  Me and my buddy Emma became firm friends over one of the most gross experiences ever (and possibly cos we were high on cleaning fluid fumes).  That would never have happened chatting over the internet. 
Finally the whole anonymity and comment system on alot of sites leaves people with no idea of behavioural protocols,  which leads to trolling and flaming.  What that means is if your part of a society you would usually behave in a way that was acceptable because you see how the rest of the group behaves,  where as if you watch a youtube video with a blank comments sheet underneath it (and are the particular type of dickhead that does this) you are far more likely to turn from a mild mannered person into a raving lunatic and  say you think the vid is a load of old wank,  thereby setting the tone for every comment underneath yours.
Now Im not knocking the internet as such or texting,  I think theyre massively valuable tools and Ive met some really nice people here,   buuuuuuut I will say having witnessed and been part of some of the many problems its caused I do think that sitting in front of your pute too much is a massively bad thing. 
So on that note Im off out into the sunshine leaving you with a couple of vids I found. Maybe its just my dirty mind but these both sound very wrong to me…..

12 Responses to “So yeah I know…”

  1. DragonBoy Says:

    Afternoon We-Got-Daf-Unk… So if I leave a real potty mouth comment on here (being the first to comment), will everyone else leave potty mouth comments or will they turn in to a raving pitchfork weilding band of DB bashers and leave potty mouthcomments on my blog cos i am the rivers source of potty-mouthedness?

  2. DragonBoy Says:

    And if I only have 40% of a personality in the first place, does this mean I have no personality in my texts? Do i breed a textualconversation of blandness like a cabbage flavoured ritz biscuit? Would I just be better to dribble in an envelope and post it to the person and at least give them the excitement of receiving what could be a fantatic present?

  3. DragonBoy Says:

    It will ultimately end in disappointment for them and possibly be the end of a friendship (i\’m taking you wouldn\’t be interested in receiving a dribbly packet even if it was sent with love in my heart) but would it be more exciting?

  4. DragonBoy Says:

    And I have also been accused of trolling… Because many many many years ago I was once caught shouting \’Mint Sauce\’ at sheep out of a moving car (you\’re not exactly going to say it to their face are you?) I was accused of being nasty and troll-like.

  5. DragonBoy Says:

    This (makes the inverted speech marks sign) friend then proceeded to shout out the other window that she was not a great lover of their meat variety and that I was to blame for all the ill in the sheep world. Is THIS what you mean by trusting people?…Eeeeeeeeeesh…

  6. DragonBoy Says:

    Anyway… I\’m off to practice my dribbling… ***winkle, boobies, bum*** Is that potty mouthed enough for you? Let\’s sit back andwatch what happens…**WooOOooOOOOOOoooOOOoo Wednesday Hugs**DB xxx

  7. It\’s a whole new ball game with BallSac! LOL! The was the only one that sounded a little wrong, then again it was made by Yanks and they\’re useless at making adds!

  8. It\’s a whole new ball game with BallSac! LOL! The was the only one that sounded a little wrong, then again it was made by Yanks and they\’re useless at making adds!

  9. I agree with you on this, people need more social interation. And those idiots who argue on Youtube are mostly teens, one did it on my Spider video, called me stupid for holding it to start an argument. He/she was quicly difused when I didn\’t respond like a child! I would add more mate but these new comment boxes are pissing me off! So I\’ll bid thee a good day and talk soon! hugs! 🙂 – Phil

  10. Hmmm…. This limited comment space is annoying ain\’t it ?Social interaction is great – if you can afford it Daf.My once or twice a fortnight is usually with the same friend so, that defeats the object somewhat with regard to widening the interaction. I suppose the only other time is when I\’m gigging.TC Saus(sad and lonesome, Sheffield);0)

  11. well me being a hermit and a solitary soul, not to mention Norman the child directly from hell this T\’Internetty thing has given me a huge amount of entertainment, there\’s good and bad on here just like in real life. I\’ve come across all sorts on here, broadened my horizons no end, taught me lots about life love and fruit of the loom.Solitary soul, Pontecarlo

  12. Hmm… at least Norm gives a little interaction Lou.(Not entirely desired of course)And yes, there are wonderful and inspirational people in the cyber world.Some more cyber than others though.;0)

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