Know your role and shut your mouth.

No not you personally,  although this is one of the many phrases my son and I are currently bandying about.    He’s been reliving his childhood and buying wressling DVDs and to be honest Id forgotten how much we all used to love it.  My fave was always the Rock.  I cant believe hes a flippin toothfairy now.  How the mighty have fallen…
Oh and what a shower of sh*t the photo uploader is on this thing now!!  Ive managed to upload some from the other night out,  but it kept telling me I had to download some programme first,  which I had.  Was taking forever so out of about 80 pictures I think i gave up after about 15. 

8 Responses to “Know your role and shut your mouth.”

  1. Ohhh I used to watch WWF too, not the same anymore now they changed the name and stuff lol xx

  2. DragonBoy Says:

    Morning Daf… No worries about hanging round my blog. In fact you\’re doing a public service cos if you didn\’t come round I\’d be dragging people in off the street and FORCING them to read the drivel on it. With you turning up voluntarily, you’re taking a great load off the rest of the blogging fraternity and I\’m sure that they are eternally grateful for that. In fact I\’d use it as leverage to get

  3. DragonBoy Says:

    goodies and stuff… Give me a donkey to stroke or I shall never return to DB\’s place and he\’ll start bothering you lot… And I\’ve just had an \’amusing image’ spring in to my head of the James Bond baddie Blofeld storking a donkey on his lap instead of a cat… And by storking I mean stroking… If he storked it it\’d be the biggest sausage on a stick equivalent the world had ever seen… Imagine all

  4. DragonBoy Says:

    those high falutin\’ ambassador’s parties… With these donkeys on storks you\’re really spoiling us Ambassador. As for the word unctious, apparently it\’s a common mis-spelling for the word \’unctuous\’ (which I\’m sure you put out there so that we, as a team, could provide a grammatical service to the rest of the world, and was in no way a sign of your haphazard use of the English

  5. DragonBoy Says:

    language… So thank you for that). In order to provide a full and thorough definition I waded through many, many dictionaries and spent countless days, nay, seconds looking for a thorough explanation. One source had the definition of being sleek or smooth, being greasy, oily, creamy, oleaginous or blubbery, being suave, soft or \’mushy\’. Having laughed off the sleek and suave translations I turned

  6. DragonBoy Says:

    to the more reliable source of Nikipedia. This had the definition as Wrestlin\’ watchin\’ cat rustler… And what is the Rock cooking? Smells like tarragonAnd surely the photo uploader should be a 7ft pile of rudey-doo?***Flip mode squad (cos I’ve been listening to a bit of Busta Rhymes) Friday Hugs***DB xxx

  7. IT DOESN\’T MATTER WHAT YOUR NAME IS!!! Made me laugh 😛

  8. HRH Daf Says:

    Aw man just took me back! I still love the old wrestling as much as I ever did. When you hear the entrance music and you know its one of the biggys coming on just makes me dead excited. I know… such a child I am. xxx

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