Whats happening to the front street in my local town? Havent been there much lately but had a venture down this afternoon,  and at least three more shops have shut since the last time I was there. One of my faves is gone,  and another is about to shut and be replaced by yet another charity shop. I mean I dont have anything against charity shops,  after all they do good work for chariteeee but come on… ya need to have proper shops too.  I like to think I can pull off almost any look, but  ‘dead Aunty Mables cast offs’  isnt my fave (although it does give me an idea for fancy dress).
Speaking of which I have two coming up.  One is a murder mystery night,  and I have to look a certain way for that,   the other is a 40th birthday party which I can go as anything I like to.  Im wondering if it would be a cop out to put on a long red dress, carry a big spanner and go as Miss Scarlet outta Cluedo.  I quite fancy it to be honest but I have a feeling people wouldnt get it and just think i was overdressed and having car problems.
Anywhoo today I am mostly liking….

19 Responses to “Quicky”

  1. Hello you,Long time no pass bySad decline of the High Street happening all over the country, mine too……………..YOu\’d be fine as Miss Scarlett, spanner and allPete XX

  2. Planet Nicola Says:

    It\’s a very sad scenario isn\’t it? And it\’s happening everywhere. Can you remember \’Ghost Town\’ by the Specials? Well that was wrote during the recession of the early 80\’s, and it very much echoes what we\’re going through at the moment, doesn\’t it?

  3. Planet Nicola Says:

    Wherever I go I hear the sounds of foreigners – I see young women barely into their teens pushing prams, dirt, poverty… closed signs. Everything is so bleak and depressing, and I know that it can only get worse. And that isn\’t just me being a downer (and it isn\’t because I\’m racist and I\’m against young mums etc, I\’m not) because this is the reality of the situation. It has to be faced up to.. we\’re on the verge of something very grimm.

  4. Planet Nicola Says:

    The next big shops to go are Boots, Superdrug, Dorothy Perkins (to name just a few) without a doubt – I give these three less than 15 months before you see the poundstretcher sign go up. Then – Two years? Dread to think! After this, who knows? But with Dave and Nick\’s relentless obsession of cost cuts one of the things what won\’t be great is the decline of our police force – like face it?

  5. Planet Nicola Says:

    It isn\’t great now! What\’s going to happen when we have food wars, civil wars, controlled pandemics.. \’cause it WILL happen without a shadow of a doubt. On to a lighter note – godddd that was so difficult to write lol, I\’m laughing about what you\’ve wrote about above "I have to look a certain way for that" What?? Mysterious! hehe Have fun, Daffy!xxxxx

  6. DragonBoy Says:

    Top of the friday morning to you Daf-lyyyyyyyy me to the mooooooooon and let me play amongst the baaaaars… Let me drink my soco from a humungous bell jaaaaaaaaar. Well the day has seized me and I\’m feeling tip-top-trip-hop although there\’s treeeeeeees down daf. Seems during the night

  7. DragonBoy Says:

    about when breaking it and exiting a lift full off people.. (overshare?).Thanks for the top tips about doors. Have to admit mine haven’t progressed as far as catching

  8. DragonBoy Says:

    EEEEEEEESH… got me comments all askew… ignore the last one….

  9. DragonBoy Says:

    we had something called \’wind\’ and not the sort you get embarrassed about in public or cackle evily about when breaking it and exiting a lift full off people.. (overshare?).Thanks for the top tips about doors. Have to admit mine haven’t progressed as far as catching

  10. DragonBoy Says:

    sleeves but then it’s only a matter of time. How about a blanket door ban? Yeah it would mean that people would have to go round with their eyes shut sometimes, for example, Surely this would resolve everything or are there more sinister forces at work? (Jarring dramatic chord)

  11. DragonBoy Says:

    Having procrastinated about work and decided that it would not be a good thing to get everyone’s hopes up so early in the morning that there might be a chance of me doing some, I decided to give some thought to this thought-provoking subject and I think that the blame firmly lies not with doors

  12. DragonBoy Says:

    but with the real overlooked culprits that are door handles (another jarring chord). Doors are just the innocent framework that (another jarring chord) door handles latch on to (another jarring chord) for their (another jarring chord ) nefarious deeds (another jarring chord).

  13. DragonBoy Says:

    Is that jarring chording you or me? Anyway, thanks for the heads up and as Shaw Taylor said…. Keep ‘em peeled!!! Or was Shaw Taylor in Duran Duran.?As for charity shops, it’s a big ruse. These are just your normal fashion shops but they’re going

  14. DragonBoy Says:

    through re-stocking processes. They become charity shops so people take their old clothes back in and then once they have enough they open as the Next Sale where you have a magical world of stuff that you’d only buy if a beloved family pet was being held hostage.

  15. DragonBoy Says:

    Isn’t the Next Sale just a way of telling their purchasing department how rubbish they are?Anyway, time waits for no man unlike work thing which is hanging around waiting to be done. Until our paths next cross and we exchange Morris stick ‘clacks’.***French Fancy Friday Hugs***DBP.S. Don’t take a spanner, take a candlestick… That way you’ll always have something to light your fag with…

  16. Planet Nicola Says:

    I\’ve been giving this Cluedo-themed-night some thought.. perhaps you should go as Cheryl Baker and mix it up a little!!!! : D"magical world of stuff that you’d only buy if a beloved family pet was being held hostage."stunner! LMAO!!

  17. hello, done as I was told miss and moved house and guess what, the comments work lmao xx

  18. I just thought I´d come say hello, as I havent for such a long time! 🙂 xx

  19. @silver fairydustHey missus! I knoooooooow havent seen you around these parts for aaaages. Hopped over to your blog to say hello, but i cant leave any comments or notes there, so here will have to do. Hope your enjoying married life!!Hugs xxx

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