Anyone for sausages?

I was in two minds about going out last night,  but in the end thought Id have a pop out and as tends to happen when its spur of the moment,  I had a really nice night.  Spent quite alot of it sitting under a huuuuuuge umberella in the beer garden which was cool,  and the nice landlady fed us all. One of my mates was telling me he’d been to a beach party and overcome with love for his fellow man,  hed decided he wanted to get everyone a drink.  Popped into the nearest pub and bought two bottles of vodka for £106.  Woke up with a banging head to find the rumpled receipt and to discover he’d lost a pair of shoes.  I laughed my ass off (outta sympathy).
The Cluedo idea has grown legs,  now not only am i goin as Miss Scarlet,  my daughter is going as Mrs Peacock,  my son is going as Professor Plum and if I can twist his arm,  Im gonna get the hubby to go as Reverend Green.  Will have to make sure I get some pictures!
Sadly my big pute has seen fit to die again,  and in its dotage has totally forgotten how to connect to the internet.  Ive hunted high and low for the driver for the motherboard, but to no avail.  Reckon I might have to resort to taking it to the nice man down the puter shop.
Oh and this morning my tickets arrived for Combichrist,  who Im gonna go see soon with the Odd Squad.  Im sure theyre not to everyones taste but I cant wait! Can I get a WOOT WOOT??!!

5 Responses to “Anyone for sausages?”

  1. Sorry to hear about puter…mine\’s on the verge of giving up but it has served me well for the last 3 and a half years

  2. The best nights are the ones that are never planned – here\’s to never planning a night againHope the Cluedo party goes wellPete X

  3. DragonBoy Says:

    Afternooooooooon Daff ol\’ buddy ol\’ pal… The title of your blog begs for Carry On type innuendo but I\’m not going to be lured in to your trap. Be far too easy to say something like… Were you satisfied with a sausage inside you?.. or ‘I like a lady who enjoys the taste of sausage….’ NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO NOT GONNA DO IT Y\’HEAR!!!! ***SHAKES FIST*** LAZY HUMOUR!!!! And

  4. DragonBoy Says:

    of course I\’m not sniggering while typing this… whatever gave you that idea? Anyway, that still of the video made me think it was Courtney Taylor-Taylor (made up name… it\’s actually Courtney-Courtney Taylor-Taylor-Taylor (citation needed)) for a moment cos he used to have a haircut like that (haircut needed). I went oooooooh and then i went naaaaaaah and then i went aaaaaaaaah

  5. DragonBoy Says:

    when i read the thing that told me who it was actually… ain\’t letters wonderful? Makes you avoid any confusion if you bothers to reads em (and based on that last sentence I’m joining your appalling grammar club).Anyway, I’m off to get busy with the fizzie… SODASTREEEEEEEEEEAM**Inuendo-less Thursday Hugs**DB xxx

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