Last night was….

Went to see Combichrist with the Odd Squad and they were geeeeenius.  Found this clip on youtube of the end of the gig (I didnt film it cos at this point me and Emma were leaping up and down like a pair of nutters in the crowd).  Lovely little ditty called ‘What the fuck is wrong with you?’

6 Responses to “Last night was….”

  1. DragonBoy Says:

    Hey heeeeeeey Daffaroo… Apparently you\’re flumpin\’ awesome… or I think that\’s what he said… and it\’s a bit dark to see if anyone was wearing bobble hats so I couldn\’t possibly comment one way or t\’other. Looked a bit of a stonker of a gig and close enough to poke the lead singer in the eye

  2. DragonBoy Says:

    with a glow stick if you were right at the front and so inclined.I’m currently umming and aahing about going to see the Gorillaz mainly because I’ve got the tickets… I just can’t find them… which is a bit embarrassing so keep it under your flumpin’ hat ‘k? **Fridge Magnet Friday Hugs**DB xxx

  3. Planet Nicola Says:

    Daffs, where\’ve you gone on facebook? What\’s happened.. ???? I thought I couldn\’t see your little pixy picture : ( Anydooos, this looked ace (and very loud!) glad you had a good night! xxx

  4. I agree Daf…no real \’treat\’ in visiting the dentist….and it costs a fecking fortune too!!I\’m not superstitious so I would have no trouble buying a car on any day

  5. Just so you know….decided Spaces really isn\’t much fun any more so I have deleted mine and am looking for a new place to play….take care X

  6. Every time I click your link it takes me to this blog… why? 😛

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