Eeeeee mind…

Last week my daughter turned 20. TWENTY!!!! I can hardly believe it.  Seems like two minutes ago she was weeny teeny and keeping me up all night every night ;O) Gawd bless her. 
 Ive been sitting looking at some pics of a night out I had a little while ago for Emmas birthday.  Basically was a murder mystery party,  and we all cross dressed.  I was the cocktail waiter.  Cant blog any of them cos it was agreed at the beginning of the night none of the pictures we took were allowed on the internet,  but some of them had me howling.  Not only are there some fabulously drunk ones but a couple of Emma in a short blonde wig which she never bothered to put on even remotely straight.  Was an absolutely genius night though and I think were gonna do another one around Chrimbo. 
It would seem MSN is dying on its arse.  Hardly a day goes by when someone else doesnt disappear.  I just had a wee troll over to an old friends blog cos I thought ‘its been a while since I saw her about’.  Turns out its been two years!! Its looking like FriendFace has won the battle of the blogs.  I however plan to go down with my ship,  while the band plays on.
Oh something that made me laugh the other day I came across.  How if Bella and Edward had thought of using modern technology that whole race to Italy would never have happened.

So anyway quote for the week from Gok Wan:
‘Ive been going round the country looking at naked women.  Im allowed cos Im on the telly.’
 Right. Cant hear enough of this at the moment so I shall leave you with it…

Hugs Daf xx


8 Responses to “Eeeeee mind…”

  1. DragonBoy Says:

    Afternoon Daffooooozle Rubikscube… Time flies doesn\’t it. Seems like only this time last week it was Friday. I tell ya it\’ll be Saturday before you know it and then Sunday will come crashing like a rhino through the saloon doors of the week causing Monday to stop playing the piano and Tuesday and

  2. DragonBoy Says:

    Wednesday to look over from their card game and Thursday to ask ‘Whiskey, Stranger?’Sunday will say ‘Uh huh’ and Thursday will reply ‘WHAAAAAAASSSSSKKOOOOOOO SSSSTTRUUUUNGEYYYAAARRRRRRR’

  3. DragonBoy Says:

    This will go on until Thursday is talking in a blaring cacophony of white noise and everyone’s ears burst in a waxy rainbow of eardrums. Then where will we be eh?

  4. DragonBoy Says:

    In other news, can I be the dulcimer player in your ‘Down With The MSN Ship’ band? I’ve been taking lessons and I thought with the little hammers we could beat other people to the last of the lifeboats. We could say… ‘you need a health check before you get on a life boat’ and do that reflex

  5. DragonBoy Says:

    thing where you bash them on the knee and then they’ll have to hobble and we’ll barge em out the way… WOMEN AND DULCIMER PLAYERS FIRST!!!!!Oooooooooooor we could have a sign saying ‘You must be this tall to ride the lifeboats’ and cos

  6. DragonBoy Says:

    they’ll be rubbing their sore knees they’ll be bent over and wouldn’t be taller than the sign.Anyway I’ve packed myself and inflatable taft which is a cross between a raft and a tent. It’s packed with cheese, biscuits and wine so once everyone’s orf, just as the water reaches our ankles (we could

  7. DragonBoy Says:

    paddle for a bit if you liked depending on how cold the water is), you can clamber in if you like and we’ll float off while quaffing and snacking and generally having a good time… Can you bring music?Anyway… enough of this rambunctiousness… I need curry and lager… tis Friday after all… How times

  8. DragonBoy Says:

    Anyway… enough of this rambunctiousness… I need curry and lager… tis Friday after all… How times flies eh?***Man The Lifeboats Friday Hugs***DB xxx

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