Something Ive never Quite Understood.

I love horror films all kinds of em and one I particularly like is the Lost Boys. Its a bit of a classic and although its lookin a bit dated now I still really enjoy giving it another go from time to time.  As vampire films go, maybe its just me but its pretty ungay.  I mean Interview with a Vampire – gay. Twilight? On a scale of one to ten Eddie Cullen has turned his brooding and sulking and generally being a bit camp up to 11,  whereas in the Lost Boys,  that one scene where they all jump out of the trees and attack folk minding their own business sitting round a camp fire is pretty gruesome and about as ungay as you can get (I particularly like the head biting squirting blood shot).  Kiefer Sutherland was so cool he grew up to be Jack Bauer.



So what I really really dont understand is this….




Why did Sam have this poster of Rob Lowe on his wall.  I mean a mid teens boy having a picture of any bloke on his wall is kinda stretching it, but they might have just gotten away with it if he was doing something cool.  But he’s not and this poster was clearly meant as one for the girls/gays.  I just wonder what the set designer was trying to tell us.



3 Responses to “Something Ive never Quite Understood.”

  1. Emma Louise Says:

    Keifer Sutherland GET IN MAH BED NAO!!!!

  2. Emma Louise Says:

    I have no friends in this place now! Where are they all?!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hi Daf hows life treating you. Well truely im not a TV watcher so im kinda lost Movies etc least interest me. Hope ur doing well Regards

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