Should I Stay or Should I go now…

Cant beliiiieve I havent blogged for so long.  Already into October and my first Halloween party this Saturday.  Cant wait! Dressy up bits all arrived and just need putting together and stuff.  Decided to go as Carrie post blood drop so the main thing to worry about is that its all dry and I dont wreck my mates house leaving fake blood everywhere cos that girl was in a bit of a state.
So hmmmm… Told to move on like a bunch of dirty tramps huh? Thank ya MSN for your continued support :OP Not sure what Im gonna do yet,  seems everyone else is flying to the four corners of the internet.  Moved my music blog to wordpress just to try it out but havent really had much time to play on there so not really made my mind up whether I like it or not.  Indecision seems to be my word of the week.  Just dunno whether I can be bothered to put in the time and effort to start again. 
Moving along you all know Im a bit crackers about my dog. Took her to my folks yesterday and she spent the afternoon digging in the garden with my dad and came home black as the roads and shattered but happy.  Reason I mention it is cos of this vid Im posting.  Musta watched it a hundred times cos it just tickles me,  specially the hi5.  You might remember OK Go for their tread mill vid, which was one of the most watched things on the internet a couple of years back.  But I digress.. all the dogs in this vid are rescue dogs and it just makes me a bit cross.  Why get em if you cant be arsed to look after them?
Right.. outta here.  Hope to get round and read what everyones been up to in the next day or so.

19 Responses to “Should I Stay or Should I go now…”

  1. Aye up saus…Thought you\’d disappeared all together ?Hope all else is ok and you enjoy your party kidda.TGCC;0)

  2. Emma Louise Says:

    Babe, I\’ve moved to blogger…. 🙂 Come there xxx

  3. dying2die Says:

    Hi Daffy hugs dear one dont be sorry well yeah Ive moved to WordPress did I have a choice. Later or sooner would have to move. I was getting very uncomfortable with Windows live they started getting very annoying. They didnt care for public opinion they want us out so im better out today then later – hugs i will leave my link

  4. Planet Nicola Says:

    Cheers for the comment, Daffy.Not been on much of anything just lately, (wayyheey) like you, haven\’t had the time or the inclination. WordPress sucks big words. I can\’t figure it out – not sure if I want to. Pressed the wrong button and BAM!! no going back lol!

  5. Planet Nicola Says:

    Party\’s at pub, so no need to buy beer, and if I get f\’in sausage rolls I\’ll be pissed seeing as it\’s costin\’ £200 :S Nice to hear from you (I so agree about irresponsible dog owners or any owners.. they should be shot at birth!) Hope your party goes awesomely to.Much loveNicxxx

  6. Planet Nicola Says:

    Are you still goin Pendle?

  7. DragonBoy Says:

    Afternoon DaffatLarryBand… unbeknownst to you, you have caused me trauma this afternoon… traaaaauma. The title of this blog sent me spiralling off in to a world of Clash songs and I was all ready to make sparky, quirky comments in my own innimt… innemetendable… unique style when I stopped… and a shed a wee tear of sorrow…

  8. DragonBoy Says:

    ‘Why DB, why?’, I hear you cry and I sally forth an answer, but not before chewing on a flump… Noooooooo, not a flump of the pootle 70’s kids tv variety (although they were good eatin’ when layered with cheese with cranberries in it) but the marshmallow treat which kids can’t get enough of… although I don’t know if it’s me or whether everyone has this trouble but, if I don’t peel the

  9. DragonBoy Says:

    wrapper back fully when taking a bite, when I return to it the end has stuck to the wrapper… which means I either have gluey spittle or flumps are annoyingly stick when moistened… although not sticky enough to let you climb up building as I found out to my cost.

  10. DragonBoy Says:

    Aaaaaaaaaanyway I digress… the reason I shed a tear and sniffed a goodly sniffin’ was because it reminded me of Rock the Casbah and how it has been ruined by some eejit producer/sound engineer/whatever who left his phone on while doing his thing and halfway through you get the sound of his phone going off… what a pillock… YEEEEEEEEAH THAT’S RIGHT I SAID PILLOCK!!!! I ain’t

  11. DragonBoy Says:

    holding back on the insults today… FEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEL MY FURY!!!!!As for the vid… sad cos of them being rescue dogs but LOOKATHEM JUMP DAAAAAAAAAF… DOGS ROCK!!!!! They too cool for schooooooooool.**Magnificent Monday Hugs**DBordercollie xxx

  12. DragonBoy Says:

    …erm… I think i owe you a y and an s from those comments… then it will make so much more sense… BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA… ahem…

  13. Its just told me my comments too long, i need to shorten it ?! Lmao.okay, im going to try to send it through in bits.. hahawhaaaaaaat?

  14. Part one.I\’ve just had a read of word press. Have to say not IMpressED.Looks like everything designed to reduce people being creative.With a list of a few of their banners u can choose from.but the thing is, they stopped a lot of self creating when they updated to the New msn.

  15. Part are we missing much really?It be a shame if u had to loose your animated daffy picture from the corner of your profile. you\’ve always used it, I\’ve always loved that.

  16. Part three.Oh well, I think, move it all there, because you can always close the account at any point, so you might aswell. ..and I think theres a big huge space in the market, for someone to start a \’New community\’ which encourages people to be creative, with their view and how they wish to express it. Maybe this just isnt allowed any more. .?.If I knew how to, I would start one. X

  17. Whats with the limit of what I\’m allowed to say? God, I will suffer most on that. hahaThats the one thing I\’m noticing most everywhere. Next they\’ll be limiting emails.

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