8 Responses to “VB30”

  1. Emma Louise Says:

    I got spooked! Hey! Its all good!

  2. Planet Nicola Says:

    I wasn\’t shocked when you said \’Twat\’ but when you said my name I swear to god.. my heart stopped!!!! Seriously! It stopped beating for like three seconds!! It was a mixture of \’You know when you get caught doing something you shouldn\’t be doing, and someone comes up behind you and says \’gotcha\’? – well it was like that with a \’AWW MY GOD THAT IS THE SWEETEST THING EVER!!!\’ It\’s made my day Daffy- and you said it in a Geordie accent too!!!!! : D So cool! I was not expecting that at all.. WOW!

  3. Planet Nicola Says:

    Ah, anyways, Pendle sounds idyllic and you all seemed to have had fun. Do you think it was a witch? You never know do you?! : S The pubs sound good aswell. I must go! PS Did you know that you look 18 on this video? : D Good going.. see you around matexxx

  4. Hiya Daf … I\’m absolutely amazed .. it\’s the first time I\’ve seen someone I write to speakin§ on t\’internet … pure brilliance ..hanks for all your lovely comments .. I had to stop decoratin§ .. as I\’ve been ill for the past week … I thou§ht I was just bein§ lazy *it has been known* … I\’ve had an infection then Shin§les ..which is one of the most odd/painful/stin§in§ thin§s I\’ve ever had ..reeeeeeeeely nasty … but I\’m better now …so it\’s back to fini

  5. hin§ off the bedroom I\’m movin§ into … hu§e and sunny .. I even spent y/day sunbathin§ … it\’s §onna

  6. when it\’s finishedBtw .. you have a beautiful voice .. .. take care … Lots of love from Sarah XXXXP.S. I a§ree with Nicola .. you look 18 …

  7. this is all wron§ cos I\’ve had to post it in bits …. some is missin§ .. how can they stop what you write to someone … proper mad of \’em … XXXX

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