I cannot say shepherds pie in a normal voice.

Im gonna say that twice cos when you click on my blog you dont see the title…. but its true. I cannot say shepherds pie in a normal voice because of this advert.  Sadly noone else seems to remember it and they just look at me like Im stupid.  I was starting to think maybe I dreamed it when some kind soul finally posted it on Youtube.
The other night I caught a bit of Watchdog,  they were banging on about ‘Jamies 30 minute meals’ which in case you dont know is a cookery programme on channel 4 in which Jamie Oliveoil (so named cos his mam had the foresight to realise this was going to be the main ingredient in everything he cooks) makes a meal in 30 minutes.  Kind of self explanitory really.  But anyway Watchdog had all these people trying to do it.  They were crap and inept and couldnt manage.  Yeah fair enough hes a chef and it probably would take ya longer slightly,  but really… is that worth Watchdogs time? I mean is there nothing more scandalous for them to report on than a cookery programme??
Shame on you Anne Robinson and your botoxed face!!
So anyway,  tonight the smell of gunpowder will be in the air.  Then Im goin to my mates house for some fireworks. Boom boom… see what I did there ;O)


4 Responses to “I cannot say shepherds pie in a normal voice.”

  1. Planet Nicola Says:

    Aww, Poor Jamie Olivoil. First he got it in the neck for trying to convince the Yanks that eating fried shit wasn\’t good for them.. and now this?! I\’d like to Push Anne Robinson\’s face down in a big plate of SHEPHARDSSSS PIEEEEEEE. I remember it!! Well I didn\’t, but now.. I do :S Boom Boom! xxx

  2. PMSL I don\’t remember the shepherds pie thing but then again, my mum wouldn\’t let me watch anything but BBC at one point in time lmao, that was maybe a good thing seeing that lmao. Ohh I saw watchdog and chuckled to mesen, mind Jamie ain\’t the only one who uses masses of oil, what is it with covering everything in oil, yak yak yak! Olive oil madness it is xx

  3. ohhhh this sorry the comment is too long thing really winds me up grrrrrr

  4. so.. us yanks eat fried shit huh? you wont have to worry about ever hearing from me again. Have a nice life

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