Tonight I will be mostly

Its Emma and Mikes wedding anniversary (HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! if either of you should happen to stop by),  and tonight theyre coming round for a meal.  I love cooking.  Dont think I ever mentioned that before,  but I really really do.  Find it very theraputic and relaxing and I just dont understand what it is about it that gets Gordon Ramsey so upset.  He really should consider doing something else for a living.  Toddled my ass off to the shops earlier on and bought a tun of wine and food and have spent a happy afternoon  peeling chopping and generally concocting.  It kinda made up for the fact I went for my flu jab a bit earlier and the nice lady tried to give me another pneumonia jab,  which Ive already had and you only need once.  Back away nursey lady sez I!!!
In other news I bought a wooly hat off an ebay shop.  Turned up today and its a completely different colour from the picture.  Also Im not entirely sure it suits me.  I tried wearing it above my ears and felt I bore a not passing resemblance to Norman Wisdom so then I tried ramming it over my ears and moved onto a good impression of the village idiot.  I think its goin back but then there was another one I was very tempted by that had pink snowflakes and a bobble.  Im so sophisticated.
Nuff of this rambling.

One Response to “Tonight I will be mostly”

  1. I am in facebook now………miss you.linda erickson

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