So yeah…




I do apologise I just dont think Ive been quite right since I was forced to watch a bit of X Factor on Saturday.  Very strange experience if you’ve never watched it before, cos to the untrained eye it looked like a bunch of people who couldnt sing for shit being told they were great by a bunch of people who want us all to believe that so they can make pots of cash out of us.  Cynical? Moi?

I felt quite affronted by the whole thing,  cos call me old fashioned but I think singers should be able to sing.


6 Responses to “So yeah…”

  1. Hiya Daf,OMG you iz indeed out of date .. Nope you don\’t have to be able to sing .. and everyone wants to give their money to Simon Cowel … all you after to do is \’want it\’ …pmsl …hands poor Daf ick bucket and sorry I wasn\’t around earlier to have helped you with such an awful shock to your system …I\’ve not been on here much .. if at all either .. I\’ve been doing things ..

  2. Apparently I have to exercise and nope the computer doesn\’t count

  3. I\’m most put out by the \’your comment is too long\’ … wtf is that about …????

  4. See I\’m writing to you in one line installments .. take care of yourself .. with lots of love from S

  5. Sarah xxxxxxxxxx

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