OOOOOOOOOOh lovely coffee…

Oh lovely coffee in my mug,
How I love your taste,
To spend my mornings without you
Would be an awful waste.
The way you make my mind go zing,
Fills my heart with bliss,
You chase my hangover away,
With your beany kiss.
Aheeeeeem… sorry about that.  I have about twelvty million things (no exaggeration honest) to be getting on with,  and as you do I thought ‘ok coffee, Deadmau5 and a blog! Huzzaaaaah for procrastination. 
So last night I was down the pub,  and my mate that moved away a while ago was home for a visit and it was soooooo nice to see her.  Good news is that shes a bit bored where she is (well not good for her but good for me… damn its always about me me me ha haaaaaaa) and talking about moving lot nearer home next year. Yeeeeey! I hate when people disappear. Its ruuuubbish. She was so out of touch when I got there she was sitting with a pint,  having not realized a bottle of wine is as cheap as chips.  We soon had that sorted though.  Then got fed sausages.  Good night all round!
So recently when Im not playing stupid games on here,  one of my fave sites to visit is ‘Dear blank Please blank’.
Here are a few that recently made me snigger…..
Dear Ladies,
We aren’t that hard to find. We’re in the friend zone, right where you left us.
Sincerely, Nice Guys.
Dear World,
Please stop freaking out about 2012. Our calendar ends there because some Spanish d-bags invaded our country and we got a little busy…
Sincerely, the Mayans
Dear Always,
There’s no such thing as a ‘happy period.’
Sincerely, Women Everywhere.
Dear Lady in a Math Problem,
Maybe it’s none of my business, but, why in the world do you need 60 watermelons, and why is Jimmy taking 24 away from you?
Sincerely, Confused Student.
Anyway I really should bugger off and do something constructive. Hope everyones having a tippety toppety week (a what??? I dont even know where that came from)

4 Responses to “OOOOOOOOOOh lovely coffee…”

  1. Well wiggedy-wiggedy-wah-wah Wednesday waves at you Daffireatwiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilll!!!!… I liked your groovy little rhymeIt made my face big smileI tried to write one as sublimeBut I always have trouble with the scanning and it kinda peters off in to rambling at the end and ultimately ends up with the whole thing having a wholly unfulfilling and ungainly style.

  2. Still, whadda you gonna do eh? Whadda ya going to do? Did I sound like Al Pacino there cos it was what I was aiming for? Been watching too much Coogan and Brydon on BBC2 Monday nights…

  3. At least one of us is showing a glimmer of talent. Ever though of applying for the Poet Lorryhat job that’s knocking around? I suppose the question is do you want to walk round with an articulated lorry, or ‘rig’ as us truckers like to call them, on your head all day? If you could position the wheels right I suppose they’d keep your ears warm in this slightly parky weather but think of the neck ache Daff… You’d end up with a neck like Geoff Capes… Daff Capes, Poet Lorryhat…

  4. As for beany kisses, I dabble a bit myself although mine are of the jelly bean variety as I find coffee makes me unpredictably lairy and inclined to involuntary twitching… and the come down is so hard.***Willow the Wednesday Wisp hugs***DB xxx

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