Groundhog Day.

Well ok I know its not Groundhog Day,  but it really bloody feels like it today.  The snow is snowing and we havent been able to get anywhere further than the local shop for a few days now,  and even that was more of a sledging experience than a drive.  This is a weeny bit of  vid I took out the back of my house the other night and its only gotten worse since then.
So last night I was sitting watching one of the music channels with my son when susan boyle came on.  In the video she still looked a bit of a troll,  but was generally spruced up.  We decided if shed looked relatively decent when shed first gone on whichever talent show it was that shot her to fame she would never have gotten anyway.  My son described her appearance at the time as being like a raggetty old grandma that wandered into the wrong place, then put on a stupid voice and went ‘Is this Aldi?’ How we laughed.
Then two minutes later I jumped a mile cos I thought there was a spider on my shoulder.  Turned out it was my own hair.  He reckons Im soooo embarrassing.  He’s probably right.
Oh and yesterday my daughter was texting me about making a Christmas cake and mid text tennis she said ‘Ahah’ then she said predictive texting had tried to make her put ‘shag’.  I said if she was thinking about shagging I was the last person that wanted to know.  I got wrong off her. 
So anyway thats enough rambling out of me for one blog I think,  and its only gonna get worse the longer Im stuck in.
Little vid I came across the other day that tickled me. 

9 Responses to “Groundhog Day.”

  1. First of all, you call that \’snowed in\’? Nah, no way! Back when I was a kid, about the mid-\’80s, we had to walk through 13 foot of snow just to get to our front door! Yes, that\’s right, we were so poor and Northern we didn\’t even have a roof! We didn\’t even have a proper Turkey untill 1992, before that we had to stuff a wild Pigeon with Starlings and Sparrows! You don\’t even know you\’re born!

  2. Secondly, I HATE the character restrictions on WLS!

  3. Third I really dislike the narrator on "How It\’s Made" because his jokes are naff!

  4. Forth… I laughed at the video! LOL! I thought she would\’ve misread his lips and thought "I like Juice". At which point she would\’vegot him some? Anyway, I hope the snow at your end stops soon! I would help you if I could but I\’m not quite Master and over-lordof the UK yet! When I do I\’ll buy that weather making machine from the Kate Bush video, and we can go cloud busting! Yay!

  5. Fith! Take care and hugski mateski! 😀 x

  6. TOO LONG???? TOO LOOOOONG??????? Bloody msn. What else have they buggered up round here. god have i been out of it that suck! Love the vid here!! made me laugh a tun! Gonna keep it short coz I HAVE NO CHOICE and i gonna make tea! HAve a greatfriday brainy lady!!!Luv n Hugs!!!BBFNHB!!! xxxxxxx

  7. OMG!! No wonder we haven\’t had any snow…\’ve bloody nicked it all before it\’s even discovered the concept of heading south!!

  8. Oh….and what\’s all this about limiting the length of comments??? Have they really done that? Do you mean to tell me that the days of leaving lovely long rambly comments……….. that mean nothing at all but do make us laff at our own jokes a bit……….which obviously is not cool BUT HEY!! You know you\’ve been there……….have GONE!!! Well I think that\’s shocking!! There\’s about as much chance of me cutting my comments short as there is of me resisting a large gin!!! And does

  9. WTF!!!!!

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