Just no no no no no…

Do I really have to leave my radio off all over Christmas for fear of hearing the crappy shit factor version of this??  

5 Responses to “Just no no no no no…”

  1. I think I\’m going to hiberante in my room untill December 27th! I\’m sick of the X-Factortribute song to the armed forces! There aint only that, there\’s also the other Cac-Factor\’Artists\’ (Talentless wankers to you and me) infecting the charts and Music TV.

  2. I wouldn\’t usualy mind, I try to avoid it but I\’m subjected to by the eldist of my youngersisters! Urgh! Oh, and for your info, I aint a fan of \’Mon the Biffy\’ either! LOL. 😉

  3. Oh, btw, move over to WP already! I hate the restrictions on WLS and errors, can\’tsee your latest blog cos there\’s an "Error". If you I can help you, we can talk on micor MSN while you do it if you like. Btw, when you DO move over I want to read moreof these scientific blogs you talk of! 🙂 Hugskiiiiiis.

  4. Oh pt 2: You better fix ya gutter up with duckt tape properly this time, moresnow on the way! Tis 3" deep here already. Happy Birthday and moocho loveski! :o)

  5. that ":O" was meant to be a —> 😀 Stoopid WLS!

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