New year New Blog

So Im here and ready for my new richer blogging experience as promised.

So apart from the fact its silent as the grave over here,  which I cant be bothered to fix right now,  and the fact I have nooooo idea what Im doing,  I do appear to have turned up with a few of my Daffy pics.  If I can just work out how to find my friends from here then Im sorted… well maybe…..


4 Responses to “New year New Blog”

  1. Hi Daf.. yeh know the feeling… 🙂 You have to subscribe to people’s blogs.. I know that much… I’m still finding my way around here too.. the mind boggles eh… 🙂
    Jen. xxx

  2. Hmmm…. So this is it then ?
    They seem to have taken a step back (so far).
    I can’t open mine (the saved file isn’t recognised) so, After thinking I might start blogging again, I don’t appear to be able to.
    Anyhoo – Hope you had a lovely Christmas and New Year.

  3. Mate!!!!!!!!! Welcome! If you need any help with anything then send me an e-mail, get on MSN, comment on mah blog or ring us! It is actually easier than it seems! I promise! And as for your music, there’s still that tutorial I made for you. Just go to catergories and click “Tutorials”.

    And, and to keep in contact with friends and find them, you could subscribe to their blogs OR make a little list of blog address and call them “friends” you’re very own friends list! Easy as that! 🙂

    Hugs to tha Dafski one! 😀 xxx

  4. Pete Judge Says:

    Merry new year – good to see you again.
    How long before the video blogging starts? When you can’t be arsed typing……..thought so!!

    Pete X

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