Foody week.

My question today is… is the best before date on cheese really that relevant?  I mean if its opened fair enough,  but I have all this vacuum packed Christmas cheese,  and its allegedly out of date,  but me and son of mine have come to the conclusion seeing as cheese is something thats already off then how can it be that much more off in a couple of days.  I may do a cheese eating experiment.  If I dont turn up for a week,  youll know it was unsuccessful and Im poisoned. 

It seems to have been a week of food experimentation,  having gone for lunch with my daughter earlier in the week and tried several reeeeeeally hot spicy sauces,  which quite honestly all tasted the same to me.  Also we went and bought a tun of chocolate and I had two bites and then remembered I reeeeeally dont like chocolate and wandered about moaning that I felt sick and needed a cuppa tea to get rid of the taste. 

On Wednesday night,  went down to see the odd squad as I regularly do, and my mate had gotten a cake for new year (which was brilliant by the way) and shed had a photo of us all put on the top of it.  She gave me some to bring home and yesterday night my son sat and ate my head.  Im not quite sure how to take that.

Oh and tomorrow evening Im goin for a meal at my folks.  Kinda a seeing in the New Year thing,  cos we havent had a get together yet.  Im hoping her crackers are more successful than my New Years Day crackers,  which were really difficult to pull,  went off like a bunch of fireworks scaring the crap out of the dog,  and sprayed little bits of plastic all over our dinners. Im sure we musta eaten some of it.

Right enough rambling for today gonna leave you with this cos its just beeeeeeeautiful…..


4 Responses to “Foody week.”

  1. LOL! Funny intro! And freeky that ya son ate your head! hahahaha

    I’ve always thought the same about cheese! Have you seen the big wheels of it they store? They’re just being cured in a cold room, sometimes for months or years! What’s the difference leaving it in a fridge, even when it’s open? I’d give it a go mate, just see what happens, the worse that could happen is you’ll feel like me for a few days! haha

    Spicy stuff can taste the same, when that happens it’s because they’ve added to much heat and it over powers the other flavours. I LOVE a Jalfrezi curry with just the right ammount of chillis! Can’t have it anymore though, Tomato puree is the base for it! 😦

    I love chocolate and sweet stuff! Tis one of the foods I like most, but not in cake form, that’s just wrong! haha Chocy makes you feel sick? I know the feeling well! You must’ve been drunk to even try it? lol

    Anyway mate, great first blog! Take care and if I don’t see you on I’ll assume you’re ill! LOL! Huggles for tha Dafski! 🙂 xx

  2. Oh btw, couldn’t listen to the video cos EMI is being fussy about it being on WP!

    As John Lydon said “EMI… Goooodbyeeeee!” 😉

  3. Pete Judge Says:

    Howdy doody and lovely to have you along. I think you’re right, leave a comment and tick the subscription box and voila, you’ll know when I have been fiddling with my keyboard.

    I remember the flying monkeys……flash…..aaaahhhhaaahhhhh!!!

    I just want 2011 to be better than 2010 was and 2009 for that matter. In fact better than 2008 might be good and if I remember rightly, 2007 wasn’t exactly brilliant either – you get the picture, now would be time for a good year and it has got of to an interesting start to say the least. I wont get too excited, too many false dawns.

    Sounds like you have been having something of an eat feast the last week or so and it sounded like fun. Not sure how I would take to my daughter eating my head but like me, she’ll eat anything if it stays still long enough.

    I am just on a little bit of a de-tox having drunk industrial amounts of lager over xmas and new year culminating in a 14 hour bender on new years day. This week has been OK and I think my liver has been grateful for the rest and I planned not to drink until next weekend because I am going away for a couple of days – but I have a funny feeling that by around 6 tomorrow evening I will chuck a pizza in the oven and not be able to resist the lure of having a can of lager or seven.

    Anyhoo, glad to hear all is well and that you finally arrived on WP. Don’t ask for any technical advice, I haven’t a clue – I just hope for the best!!
    Take care
    Pete X

  4. Makes me wonder does the cheese thing, cos it’s made from stuff that’s gone bad anyways lol. In our house if there’s green stuff on the cheese you just cut it off and eat the rest, same with bread as well, all these folk who buy croutons, it’s stale bread ffs! pmsl xx

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