So I watched this…

and loved it.

Really hope the links work this time…


4 Responses to “So I watched this…”

  1. Are you the only one left Daffs ?

  2. The only one left who how what Chris? ;O) Theres still tuns of bloggers about ya know or did you just mean the old crowd? xxx

  3. Pete Judge Says:

    Hope you have your eight cups of coffee to get you going.
    I have processed 7 purchases from my ebay site, written a blog for later in the week and had two meetings with bosses……I know, I’m a numpty!

    Interview went well thanks and I’ll hopefully find out later in the week. Great opportunity so fingers crossed!

    Have a good day and I will watch the videos later

    Pete X

  4. Dafffyyyyyyyyyyyy! ‘ello!

    Just saw a few e-mails come up from your site and it says you’ve posted the same blog a few times, yet there’s none here. I think it’s to do with the media player as Mixpod was one of the links on there. If ya having any trouble budski then ya know where I am.

    As for your film, I aint a fan of behind the scenes stuff, but I will book mark and watch the film soon! I like a bit of horror now and again. 🙂

    Have good evening, Mateyyyyyyyyy. Huggles and Hugskis! 🙂 x

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