An Apology

So ok Im reeeeeeally sorry,  I know if your subscribed to my blog you had a tun of emails telling you I posted blogs I didnt,  but its cos Im trying to put a media player on here and its all gone a bit difficult on my ass. 

Sorry about that folks!


8 Responses to “An Apology”

  1. Wotcha Daffo… well it seems i missed your flurry of missives highlighting your somewhat suspect use of this whole new…. thing… that is WordPress… But then that could be because I didn’t subscribe in time… which has nothing to do with not knowing my arse from my elbow when it comes to this new fangled skullduggery blogging thing… Course I know how to subscribe… it’s that link over there isn’t it… No?… that one?… Well i might just wander around a while cos throw enough stones in the air and you’re bound to hit someone and be sued for reckless endangerment… so where’s the harm eh?

    Til the next time…

    ***Wordpress Wednesday Hugs***

    DB xxx

  2. Oh and I pressed your Like button cos… I do like this entry but more because i like clicking stuff… and i wanted to be the first… DAMN my competitive tendancies!!!!

    **Would it be weird to leave more WordPress Wednesday Hugs**

  3. oh I dunno wot im doin, just took me ages to get over here to you!
    heh .

    Aye ?

    and wot on earth is ..gravatar ?


  4. Reply from mah comment box:

    Hmmm… (1) I think you should try a new player skin, it could be there’s a problem with that in the HTML box on WP or a problem with the player outside the confines of the Mixpod site itself at the moment. So it could be a glitch that will be fixed at some point. So for the time being I’d recoommend changing the skin.

    (2)Are you using the correct HTML widget?

    (3)If you haven’t set the player to auto-play before you save the code and paste it, then that may be your problem. From what I read though that isn’t the problem.

    If it still persists then you’re doing something wrong! (I’d be GREAT at techie help!) lol Let us know how you get on mate, if all else fails give me your code via e-mail and I’llt ry it my player and we’ll see what happens.

    LOL! But hey… we love you anyway! 😉

    Hugs mate! xxx :O)

  5. Ya WP removed my HTML from my comment. Enable HTML. I’ll post the pic on my blog, go see later! haha

  6. Pete Judge Says:

    Don’t worry about it. It put about a dozen emails in my in box and for a little while, I felt quite popular and loved……….

    Hope you are well and you are getting it all sorted out. You see why I keep things simple??

    Take care
    Pete X

  7. Pete Judge Says:

    Hello you,
    Now you see I don’t really do sarcastic but I can see why you think that 😉
    Hangover on a Tuesday!? Obviously a lady of leisure…….
    I think you are on to something here …. worrying about things that don’t really matter or aren’t important. I think I have been a bit guilty of that and probably induced by drinking for three whole days straight too. They say if you drink enough it can make you depressed so perhaps I am just feeling a bit sorry for myself and by a happy coincidence, someone decided yesterday was Blue Monday. Well that’s my excuse and I am sticking to it!!
    I think I will call today Plum Tuesday – It’s the colour of a tee shirt I bought recently and I really like it!
    Hope the sun is still shining where you are, we might have had some earlier but it was too foggy to be completely sure
    Have a good pink with a hint of mauve Tuesday.
    Pete X

  8. this place is an arse for trying to add music to grrrrr, I have loads I’d like to share but it just won’t have it pmsl, proper winds me up it does. Might give it another whirl myself although I’ll probably do lots of huffing and puffing and then wander off and do summet else in disgust lmao

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