I just accidentally liked my own post. How much of a twat does that make me look??? And no idea how to undo it. Totally laughing my arse off though. Aheeeem. Proper blog tomorrow


6 Responses to “Iamofficiallyanidiot”

  1. What’s wrong with liking your own post. It’s not as if it was a bad post is it. I think if you really want to like your own post you should be able to. What’s wrong with being proud with your work and enjoying the fruits of your labour? Don’t be ashamed and it certainly doesn’t make you officially an idiot. Well unless the official idiots office contact you to tell you you’re officially an idiot. Right, that’s cleared up then…..where’s the ‘like the comment’ button?

    Pete XX

  2. Sadly they did Pete… Again. Honestly I sign into my hotmail and its just stuffed with emails off em telling me on the official Idiot scale Im right up there ;O)

    Truth is I do find myself hilariously funny, and I take the blank looks I often get to mean other people do too and theyre just jealous ;O)

    Off to read your blog cos according to the technology fairies you posted something new!

    Hugs Daf xxx
    Hugs Daf

  3. Apparently you’ve figured out how to unlike it! lol So it’s all good. Ya silly ole Moo! What ya like? Eeeeh bah gum! 😉 xxx

  4. Hiya Daf …
    I’m getting to grips with being on here tooo and so far am not doing very well .. pmsl ..
    I’ve had oink flu so any excuse not to get out of bed is the order of the day and will be so until I see the sun shine ..
    Re decorating my sitting room has now become a junk room eeeeeeeeeeeek … and too right there’s loads more to be done …
    Phil transferred all my stuff for me … YAY GO Phil go … take care xxxxxxxx

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